YouTube Challenges: 170+ Best Ideas And Trends

YouTube Challenges are a fun way to spice up your YouTube channel.

The best part about these YouTube challenges is that you can do them with friends and family, and you can also do many youtube challenges by yourself.

I’ve assembled the most comprehensive list of the best YouTube challenge ideas so you can join in on the action and try some for yourself. Let’s dive in if you want trending challenges and some excellent video challenge ideas.

trending youtube challenges

Challenges are popular among trending videos on YouTube and they often stay popular for quite awhile as other creators do their own versions of them.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, here are the 10 most trending challenges on YouTube to start things off.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

This is both a current trend and a classic at the same time. All you need to do to win is not laugh.

Seems quite simple right? Well, why not give it a go. All you need is to look for a funny video compilation, visit a humorous subreddit, or have a friend send you a collection of videos.

Vs Cooking Challenges

These challenges are very trendy on YouTube as they can have so many different variations.

Some popular ones include “Grandma vs Me Cooking Challenges,” “chef vs home cook,” and also YouTuber collaboration videos where you cook against one another.

Ghost Pepper Challenge

The ghost pepper is one of the hottest peppers/chilis in the world and has been touted as the new great frontier in spicy food.

If you think you can handle the burn, then maybe this is the challenge for you.

Otherwise, start small and work your way up before taking on this beast of a pepper.

Big Meal Challenge

The big meal challenge is another food challenge that has a variety of different variations.

It comes down to eating a big meal, as the name would suggest, but you can also spice things up by the type of meal, or doing it with friends and having different size meals.

Brand Name vs. Generic Brand Challenge

Can you differentiate between brand-name foods or generic brands?

This challenge tests your taste buds and adds an interesting twist to your video when the generic brand is preferred over the (often more expensive) name brands.

SQUID GAME Honeycomb Candy Challenge

The Squid game show on Netflix has taken the world by storm and one of the most popular parts of the series that you can try at home is the “Honeycomb candy challenge”.

To try this at home, the hardest part for most is actually making the candy! Also known as Dalgona candy (here’s a helpful dalgona candy recipe so you don’t struggle as much) the goal of the challenge is to separate the shape in the middle from the outside ring using only a toothpick or needle.

Oh, and you only have 10 minutes to do so.

At least for this YouTube challenge, you won’t have the same risk as the contestants had in Squid game.

Wednesday Dance Challenge

Another challenge originating from Netflix is the Wednesday dance challenge. Based off of the popular Netflix show, your challenge is to do your best Wednesday Addams dance reenactment.

Remember, facial expression counts too.

Pizza Challenge

The pizza challenge involves hiding different ingredients in opaque bags again.

Participants then choose bags randomly and create their own pizza.

Then the real challenge is eating the masterpiece.

Broke vs Rich vs Giga Rich Challenge

This challenge is based off the popular video trend of comparing different situations for people in different financial situations. For example, students.

To do this challenge, you have a small budget, if you go for a cooking option, then three competitors have different budgets to cook a meal on, like $5, $100, and $1,000.

Grab a fourth person to be a judge and you have yourself a competition!

TikTok Dance Challenge

This dance challenge uses TikTok for inspiration, you need to do the correct TikTok dance to the music in order to get maximum points.

You can go with the popular ones, or bring in some friends and throw in some obscure dances to really see how much time they spend on TikTok.

YouTube Challenges To Do By Yourself

If you’re filming alone, there are many different YouTube challenges to do by yourself. Here are the best challenges for solo creators.

100 Layers Challenge

Can you take the heat of 100 T-shirts?

The 100 layers challenge makes an individual try to wear as many as 100 layers of clothing, or close to it. How many can you wear?

Don’t Look Away Challenge

You must look at a series of weird, disgusting, or ‘cringy’ videos without looking away.

Depending on the type of videos you watch, you may want to keep a bucket handy.

Bottle Cap Challenge

Can you kick a cap off of a bottle?

A bottle cap is placed on top of the bottle and is loosely twisted shut. The goal is to untwist the cap with a spin kick, without moving the bottle itself.

Good Thing Challenge

This is very wholesome in it of itself.

It requires a person to do something good for another person and encourage them to do the same for another person.

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

This tricky challenge requires you to complete your makeover without using a mirror. Have you got what it takes?

30 Drawings For 30 Days Challenge

You are tasked to complete 1 drawing of your friends’ choice over the next 30 days, do not miss a single day or you lose.

No Internet Challenge

This challenge is not for the weak!

An individual must go 30 days without the use of the internet. It is supposed to help you relax and remain one with nature.

Lego Challenge

The lego challenge builds up very easily. For this challenge, you must try to build an object with 5 different types of lego.

Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

Can you draw while blind?

Try to draw a portrait of your friend while blindfolded; whoever gets the best drawing wins.

Speed Dance Challenge

In this challenge, you must try to come up with a dance as fast as possible, but it must be completely original.

Food Challenge Ideas For YouTube

Some of the most popular YouTube challenges you can do on YouTube are food challenges.

There are tons of them to choose from, some can be done alone, some can be done with your partner or friends, and some can even be done in groups.

Below you’ll find the best food-related YouTube challenges you can do.

Smoothie Challenge

The smoothie challenge is a challenge that can go either way for you. Either you end up with a delicious treat, or you may need to reach for a bucket.

Here, you take a certain number of ingredients, half should be tasty, while the other half should be quite disgusting. You then write each ingredient on a piece of paper and then mix them up in a bowl or hat.

Players then pick random ingredients from the bowl to put into a blender for their smoothie.

To complete the challenge, all you need to do is drink the smoothie. Which doesn’t sound too bad right? That is until you start mixing tomato sauce with marmite.

This isn’t recommended for those with an easily upset stomach.

The Cinnamon Challenge

The cinnamon challenge is a classic that you have probably heard of.

It involves taking a spoonful of ground cinnamon and trying to eat it in under 60 seconds without drinking anything.

More often than not it ends in a big cloud of cinnamon and participants searching for something to drink.

Be careful when doing the cinnamon challenge because of the risk of choking.

Chubby Bunny Challenge

Another YouTube classic is the Chubby Bunny challenge.

The goal of this challenge is quite simple, take turns putting marshmallows in your mouth and trying to say “Chubby Bunny”. If you can say it, then put another marshmallow in your mouth and continue until you can’t say it anymore.

The winner is the one with the most marshmallows.

Again, like the cinnamon challenge before, be careful of the choking hazard here.

Eat It or Wear It Challenge

The eat it or wear it challenge can get very messy. With this challenge, you put a variety of different foods in opaque bags so that you cannot tell what’s inside, then each bag gets a number.

Participants then take turns choosing bags (or going numerically). You have to eat whatever is in your bag and if you don’t want to eat it, then you have to wear it.

The winner is the person that “wears” the least.

Exploding Watermelon

The exploding watermelon challenge is definitely something for you to do outside.

It all starts with a regular watermelon and then lots of elastic bands.

You then put elastic bands on and the last one to put an elastic band on is in for a big surprise when it explodes.

Tin Can Challenge

The tin can challenge is another blind tasting challenge.

In this one, it’s quite easy to get set up. All you need to do is head to the store, purchase some food in tin cans and then remove the labels.

Now mix everything up and each participant takes turns trying out random tins.

Baby Food Challenge

The baby food challenge is another quick and easy challenge for you to take on.

Here you can head to the store again to purchase baby food, or you can get a mixed pack delivered.

This is another challenge that you can either do with multiple people or by yourself.

McDonald’s Roulette Challenge

McDonald’s roulette is a fun way to spice up your next trip to McDonald’s.

All you have to do is head to the drive-through and order the exact same as the car in front of you.

Who knows what you’ll get, maybe a meal for a large family, or just a McFlurry, but that’s all a part of the fun.

10.000 Calories Challenge

This is no mean feat considering the daily average calory intake for women and men is between 2,000 and 2,500 calories.

Eating 4 or 5 times this amount in one sitting really will be a challenge.

You can spice this up by focusing on a specific food, or color, or give yourself a time limit.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to do this in moderation and don’t try these challenges very often as it can then be very bad for your health.

Hungry Hippo Challenge

The hungry hippo challenge involves you trying to gobble up as much candy (like jelly beans, smarties, skittles, etc.) as you can in a set time.

As you go, you put the candy you can gather with your mouth into a cup, and at the end, the one with the most candy in their cup wins.

Extremely Sour Candy Challenge

Can you handle the sourest of candies? Then this is the challenge for you.

It’s quite simple, turn on the camera and try eating the sourest candy you can find.

What’s In My Mouth Challenge

The what’s in my mouth challenge is a fun challenge for pairs or couples.

One person is blindfolded and the other person places an assortment of food (although sometimes also objects) into the person’s mouth.

It’s quite a simple game to start as all you really need is a blindfold (no cheating!), and can yield some funny spontaneous moments on your YouTube channel.

Pancake Art Challenge

This challenge has been popularized by Collins Key, but you don’t have to go to the extreme lengths that they go to on his channel.

This is a rather self-explanatory challenge; it’s a battle of who can make the best picture by just using pancake batter and frying.

You can make this challenge more interesting and your artwork more colorful by also using food coloring in different squeeze bottles with batter, so you effectively start painting in the frying pan (or hot plate).

Saltine Challenge

A classic among YouTube challenges is the saltine challenge. Here you have 60 seconds to eat 6 saltine crackers without drinking anything in between.

While it can seem simple at first, these crackers dry out your mouth almost instantly and make swallowing so many crackers in under a minute a real challenge, much like the cinnamon challenge.

Like the cinnamon challenge as well, be careful with this challenge due to the risk of choking.

Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

Korean noodles are infamous for packing a punch when it comes to hotness, but if you can handle the heat, this may be the next challenge you do.

The winner(s) are those that can finish their meal. Alternatively, if the heat wasn’t punishment enough, you can include that losers get a cracked raw egg on their head.

Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bear Challenge

Haribo gummy bears are a sweet and sugary treat most of the time, but some people have reported the sugarless gummy bears to cause a rather upset stomach that leaves you spending some quality time with your toilet.

To add to it and really test if these gummy bears can give you the runs, this challenge involves eating a 5-pound bag of the German confectionery company sugar-free bears.

Massive Ice Cream Sundae Challenge

Do you have a sweet tooth for ice cream? This challenge is sure to push even it to the limit.

The massive ice cream sundae challenge involves eating a massive ice cream sundae. I know, rather self-explanatory, but how much is massive?

Try 10.000 calories.

For perspective, 1 pound of ice cream has approximately 950 calories, so this challenge involves eating over 10 pounds of ice cream!

This is definitely a challenge you’re not recommended to do very often, and maybe even rope in some friends.

10.000 Calorie Fruit Challenge

If you’re not in the mood for a brain freeze from the massive ice-cream sundae challenge, try doing it with a variety of fruit.

You can put together a tasty fruit basket, and have a feast, but it will be a challenge to eat it all.

$100 Team Burger Challenge

This is another tasty challenge that involves eating as much as possible.

This challenge can be done at a number of steakhouses around the country (or from the comfort of your own home) and generally involves eating a massive burger (and sides) within a short time period.

If you manage, the meal is on the house (or whatever you decide at home, like the loser has to do the washing up).

In most steakhouses, this can be done as one person, or as a group, and the burger size is around 10 lb!

Letting XYZ Decide What I Eat Challenge

This is a fun challenge that can lead you to try new foods you never thought of trying.

You can let someone you know decide on what you eat, or if you’re in a restaurant, let the waiter decide on your order, etc.

Mystery Drink Challenge

The mystery drink challenge involves concealing various drinks with contestants not knowing what they’re drinking.

You can either go with a variety of different flavors and see if participants can guess what they are.

Or you can do the far more entertaining version that involves a drink that tastes good, and then others of varying disgustingness.

Only Using One Color To Cook Challenge

This one is fairly simple to understand, but can be a real challenge in practice.

Can you cook up something tasty using only one color?

Healthy vs Junk Food Challenge

Depending on what type of food you like to eat, this challenge could be quite simple or a real difficulty for you.

The healthy vs junk food challenge pairs two or more people against each other for a time period where they can only eat healthy food or junk food.

Sure, healthy food might not be as tasty as junk food, but you’ll definitely feel a whole lot better than your junk-food-eating competitor!

Bite, Lick, or Nothing Food Challenge

Preston and Unspeakable are some of the most popular YouTubers doing challenges, just check out this bite, lick, or nothing food challenge that did with Preston’s wife Brianna.

Candy Challenge

In this challenge, the parent leaves the child alone in a room with some form of candy in front of them and tells them not to eat it until they return.

That is like leaving a kid in a candy store unsupervised and hoping for the best. Test it out on your child and see what they get up to.

Red Food vs Yellow Food Challenge

This can be a fun challenge and test your creativity. In this challenge you will be given either the color red or yellow, and that will be your color of food you can eat whilst doing this challenge.

As long as you are not too of a fussy eater this could be a lot of fun.

Superhero Food Art Challenge

This one is for all the superhero fans out there. Let’s make our favorite superhero out of food items.

For this challenge you can get really creative, may the best man/woman win.

World’s Stinkiest Fish Challenge

Do you want to test your gag reflex? Then this challenge is for you.

If you can make it through getting the can open, the challenge is to take a bite of the stinky fish.

Surströmming is the fish and it’s a fermented Baltic Sea herring that’s traditional to Sweden. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s fermented.

Going To The Worst Rated Place Challenge

For this challenge you will pick one of the worst rated places, from a restaurant to a barber shop.

You can basically choose any place with a rating of 1 or less. The challenge is then to go and experience and rate the service yourself.

Going To The Best Rated Place Challenge

Always wanted to go to a 5-star venue, now is the time. Treat yourself and then give a review of the experience.

Don’t Wipe Your Mouth Challenge

If you love lobster tails, then this challenge is for you. In this challenge you will be eating lobster tails dipped in messy sauce, but whatever you do, do not wipe your mouth!

Sounds easy enough but try it and see how fast your hand goes up to wipe that sauce.

Sour vs Sweet Challenge

Let The Person In Front Of You Decide What You Eat

For this challenge it is best to come hungry as you never know how much food the person before you ordered.

What you need to do is, pick a fast-food restaurant, and then order the exact same meal as the person before you ordered.

Coffee Challenge

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll love this.

The challenge is to try different coffee flavors and then guess them right to win.

Chicken Nugget/Burger Challenge

Chicken Nuggets are Loved around the world, but could you eat 50 of them in a row? Try it out in this challenge.

Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge

As the name implies, you are challenged with the task to try gummy food and real food. You must decide which one is real and which one is fake.

Spicy vs Extremely Spicy Food Challenge

Love spicy food? In this challenge, you must play rock, paper, scissors, and the winner gets to eat plain spicy food, but the loser must add extremely hot sauce to their food.

YouTube Challenges For Kids

If you’re looking for some fun YouTube challenges to do on your channel that aren’t too serious, then this section is for you.

Likewise, if you are a family vlogging channel and you’re looking for challenge ideas to do with your kids, these are some great options. And if you’re looking for some fun gift ideas for YouTubers, a lot of these challenges can also be used for that too.

Who Wore It Better Challenge

This challenge is great for siblings to do and can be a lot of fun. Pick a theme, or try to match an outfit from a celebrity in a movie and let your audience decide who wore it better.

Making My Sister Ugly Challenge

You must offer to do your sister’s make-up in this challenge, but it takes a twist when you make your sister look nothing but pretty.

Bean Boozled Challenge

The Bean Boozled challenge is a fun YouTube challenge for just about everyone, but probably even more so for Harry Potter fans.

As you may have guessed, this is a challenge based on eating different flavored jelly beans that are based on the flavors from the Harry Potter books/films.

All you need to do this challenge is the Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Box, where you will encounter 10 tasty beans and 10 look-alike beans of wild and weird flavors.

Lip Sync Challenge

The lip sync challenge is a great way to show off your vocal abilities, or at least your acting abilities.

To do this challenge, you just need to find your favorite song, grab a mic and see how well you can lip sync the words.

You can up the difficulty by adding performance requirements and even having your friends pick your song for you.

Ice Cream Taste Test

With the ice cream challenge, all you need to do is gather a bunch of different flavored ice creams and then blind test them.

If you can guess the right flavors, you win.

Up the challenge and get someone else to buy the different flavors, or create your own ice cream with interesting flavors.

Brain Freeze Challenge

Do you like slush puppies? Then this is a challenge to try.

The challenge is to try and finish your drink first, but good luck with the brain freezes along the way.

Popsicle Challenge

Taste test as many popsicles with a friend while blindfolded; whoever guesses right wins.

Whipped Cream Challenge

The whipped cream challenge involves you placing a dollop of whipped cream on the top of your first with your arm extended. With your other arm, you smack your arm in the middle causing the whipped cream to fly into the air, and ideally, you then catch it with your mouth.

I say ideally because it is a challenge after all and it’s quite a laugh where it ends up falling.

Alternatively, you can get the Pie Face Game and risk getting a faceful of whipped cream if luck is not on your side. Either way, both versions are great in groups.

Mute Challenge

The mute challenge is a fun YouTube challenge for families or friends. It involves everyone doing actions that are generally quite noisy. Like singing, eating potato chips, etc.

One participant has a remote, and whenever they press the mute button, everyone has to be completely silent.

Mom vs Dad Outfit Challenge

Your mom and dad must take turns picking out outfits for each other, whoever has the best outfit between them wins the challenge.

24 Hour Challenge Ideas For YouTube

Spending 24 hours doing something, in particular, can be a challenge in and of itself, but these challenges take this to a whole new level.

Can you spend 24 hours in a weird place, or doing a weird/boring activity, or maybe trying some strange food.

If you’re looking for a challenge that requires endurance, check out the best YouTube challenges that take at least a day to complete.

24 Hour Whisper Challenge

Can you spend 24 hours only whispering? Try the whisper challenge and see how you fare.

And if that’s too easy, try adding your own spin on it, like trying to order or ask for food by whispering and accepting whatever it is you get.

24 Hours in a Tent Challenge

Spending the night in a tent is not too bad, but what about an entire 24 hours?

Can you get through an entire day by roughing it in a tent?

24-Hour Bathroom Challenge

The 24-hour bathroom challenge is another interesting day-long challenge.

The difficulty here can differ depending on the size of your bathroom and the amenities available (you have a big advantage if you have a bathtub!).

Only Eat Gas Station Food For 24 Hours

Food at the gas station is hardly considered to be delicious (or healthy) and the options available are often not the broadest.

Can you nourish yourself for 24 hours only on food bought by the gas station?

Only Eat Weird-Shaped Food For 24 Hours Challenge

This challenge requires the participants to eat oddly shaped food for 1 whole day.

Eating Food From XYZ (Country) For 24 Hours

Like the other eating challenges, this one is going to limit your diet and it may also push your palette to the limit.

Either pick a country and only eat food that originates from there for 24 hours or try using a random country generator and roll the dice!

Swap Diet With Your Grandma For 24 Hours

Can you eat the exact same as your grandma? Try it out in this 24-hour challenge.

Ignoring Your Partner For 24 Hours

You might find yourself sleeping on the couch but who doesn’t like a little danger?

Ignore your partner for 24 hours and hopefully live to talk about it.

24 Hours In One Location Challenge

This challenge needs you to be completely still in 1 spot for 24 hours, think you can do it?

Swap Diet With Your Kids For 24 Hours

Do you buy your kids all the food they want? Could you eat their diet, why not try for 24 hours.

Overnight Survival Challenge

24-Hour Handcuff Challenge

You and your friend are handcuffed for 24 hours, how will you go through your day?

Say No To Everything for 24 Hours

Imagine saying no to your friends and parents for 24 hours; would they be upset?

Say Yes To Everything for 24 Hours

Saying yes to everything could be nice if the people talking to you are nice.

Why not try for 24 hours?

Living In Your Car For 24 Hours

Some people get car sick after a few hours in their car; how long could you last?

Living In Your Bathtub For 24 Hours

A nice and warm bath for 24 hours, or maybe even a dry one. Sounds like a challenge!

Listen To An Annoying Song For 24 Hours Challenge

Ever want to tear your hair out listening to an annoying song on repeat? Try that for 24 hours.

Speaking In a Different Language For 24 Hours

Are you bilingual? Try talking in a different language other than your home language for 24 hours.

Eating Only One Color of Food For 24 Hours Challenge

Imagine eating all your foods in only one color for 24 hours; it seems pretty easy enough.

Day In The Life Challenge

Record your daily life and all the tasks you accomplish throughout the day; show your food and the fun things you do. Then upload it on YouTube.

Last To Leave Challenge Ideas

Last to leave challenges are a great way to test your participant’s endurance, and the great thing about these challenges is that many of them can be done at home.

Here are the best last-to-leave challenges to test your limits.

Last To Leave The Room Challenge

You and a friend must stay in a room for 24 hours, last to leave wins the challenge.

Last To Leave The Circle Challenge

Last to leave the circle between you and a few friends wins a prize of your choosing.

Last To Leave The XYZ Challenge

Design a challenge by choosing the destination and bringing a friend, and see who can stay the longest.

The last to leave is the winner.

Last To Leave The Snow Challenge

If you happen to live in a colder climate, this could be an option for you. It’s not for the faint of heart or those that get easily cold.

The premise is quite simple, the last to leave the snow, i.e. the cold, is the winner.

Last To Leave The Pool Challenge

This challenge is great for a hot summers day, whoever stays in the pool the longest wins.

Be careful though, as your endurance might push you long into the night.

Last To Stand Up Challenge

Try to be the last person out of you and your friends to stand up off of a chair or a couch.

Try Not To… YouTube Challenges

These YouTube challenges are all about practicing self-control.

Can you hold yourself back while watching/listening to some of the best videos and songs?

Test yourself and your friends with some of these challenges.

Try Not To Get Mad Challenge

Have a friend do stuff that they think will make you mad? Can you try not to get mad?

Try Not to Sing Challenge

Listen to all your favorite songs and try your hardest not to sing; you can’t even nod your head.

Try To Keep Singing Challenge

Listen to a song and have someone turn the song off randomly throughout, and try to continue the lyrics where the singer is paused.

Try To Keep Dancing Challenge

Try to keep dancing to a song with little to no rhythm. Can you do it?

Try Not To Make a Sound Challenge

Are you scared easily? Try to remain as silent as possible while watching jump scare videos.

Try Not to Say Wow Challenge

Are you amazed easily? Try not to say wow while watching satisfying videos.

Try Not to Get Anxiety Challenge

Beware of this one if you get anxious easily. You must not get anxious while watching anxiety-filled clips on YouTube in this challenge.

Try Not To Get Uncomfortable Challenge

In this challenge, you must try to remain as comfortable as possible while watching uncomfortable videos.

Try Not To Get Scared Challenge

Try Not To Dance Challenge

Listen to your favorite music and resist the urge to dance in this challenge.

YouTube Challenges For Couples

Couple’s YouTube challenges are a great way to have a laugh and spend some time with your significant other (while potentially making some money from your YouTube channel).

A lot of these types of challenges should be light-hearted and fun for both partners; just take a look at Jelly and iamSanna doing the Yoga challenge below.

Yoga Challenge

Not My Legs Challenge

This one might be a little tricky to pull off.

You must sit on a soft surface at an angle so that your waist is not to be revealed to the camera, get a friend to sit underneath you so that their legs look like yours.

Touch My Body

You and your friend must take turns being blindfolded and touching eath other on different body parts.

The person who is blindfolded must guess where they are touching on the other person.

Chapstick Challenge

One of the 2 challengers must put on a chapstick and the other person must kiss them and find out what flavor the chapstick is.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Picks My Outfit

Your boyfriend/girlfriend must pick out your outfit for the day.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Does My Makeup

Your boyfriend/girlfriend must do your makeup for the day, sounds embarrassing but fun.

The Mouth To Mouth Challenge

You and a friend of your choice must take turns passing bubblegum between each other through mouth-to-mouth contact.

Shopping For Your Boyfriend At Girly Stores Challenge

This challenge requires you to buy your boyfriend items at mainly girls’ stores, will he embrace his feminine side?

Remove Clothing Mystery Wheel

Write down different clothing on a mystery wheel and take turns with a friend/group of people spinning the wheel; you must remove the item of clothing the wheel lands on.

Who Knows Me Better Challenge

You must put your mom and your boyfriend/girlfriend up to the test by quizzing them on who knows you best.

Extreme Couple vs Couple Challenge

You and your partner will go up against a different couple in this challenge and complete many interesting challenges to see who is the best.

Not My Arms Challenge

Who’s arms are those? In this challenge you must stick your arms inside your shirt and have a friend pretend their arms are yours by hugging you from behind.

Partner or Group YouTube Challenges

Partner YouTube challenges are another great way to have a laugh with friends and test their limits. These can be fun, and some can be difficult (or disgusting), but they can make for great entertainment!

Another great way to create engaging videos is to incorporate some Q&A questions into your YouTube video.

The Disney Challenge

The Whisper Challenge

Whisper the message around a group of friends and yourself, each must take a turn to wear headphones with loud music playing.

Whisper a phrase to them and see who can get the most phrases correct.

Innuendo Bingo

Do you like getting wet for a challenge?

You and a friend of your choosing must sit on two chairs facing each other with a mouth full of water; you will listen to funny innuendos and try not to spill your water on your friend.

The person last to spill their water wins.

Heads Up Challenge

Think of charades but funnier. You must hold a random piece of paper on your forehead with a name of a specific item or animal, the opposing player must act it out while you try to guess it.

Water Bomb Challenge

Fancy a water balloon? You and a friend both take turns filling a water balloon a few times until it eventually pops; the winner is the person who doesn’t get water spilled.

Shock Ball Challenge

This next one is very ecstatic. Take turns passing around a ball that builds up static until it eventually shocks one of the challengers, last to get shocked wins.

Potato Carving Challenge

Like a pumpkin, this is very similar. You can have fun carving a potato into what you desire.

Pinhead Balloon Challenge

Be careful with this one; it could give you a headache. For this challenge, you must take turns trying to pop a balloon off your head.

Q-Tip Dart Challenge

For this challenge, you must put glue at the tip of a few q-tips and throw them at a dart board like a dart.

What’s That Smell Challenge

Obey The Cards Challenge

This one requires you to listen to everything said on a pack of cards throughout the whole challenge.

The Pause Challenge

PAUSE! For this one you and a friend take turns pausing each other at random times, you must stay paused for at least 5 seconds at a time.

Condom Challenge

To complete this one, someone must fill a condom and drop it on your head, the goal is to get the condom to completely cover your head in 1 drop.

Guess The Film Challenge

For this challenge you must watch a short movie clip and try to guess which film it is from, often times the clip is 5 seconds long.

Guess The Song Challenge

Sound can tell a person a lot about something. Guess what song you are listening to from a short clip of 3 seconds.

Guess The Video Game Song Challenge

Guess what video game song you are hearing from a short clip; it can be difficult, so upping the time count could be considered.

Guess The YouTuber Challenge

For this challenge, you must react to a short video from a random YouTuber’s video and try to guess which YouTuber made the video.

Riff-Off Challenge

It may sound difficult but it is easier than it sounds, for this challenge you and a friend must take turns singing a few lines.

Once the first person has sung, the next person must sing from a different song that starts with the same word the original persons song ended on.

Tiny Hands Challenge

Do you have small hands? For this challenge, you must try to complete various tasks using small doll hands.

Singing Gargle Challenge

Is it possible to talk while gargling?

Try to sing a song while gargling and have a friend try to guess what song you are singing.

Egg Roulette Challenge

Egg roulette is a very anxiety fun filled game.

Each person takes turns cracking eggs on their heads, there should be 6 eggs in total. 5 of the eggs will be cooked and 1 will be uncooked. Try to not get dirty and test your luck.

Internet Slang Challenge

You and a friend take turns reciting internet slang towards each other. Whoever gets the most slang correct wins the game.

Say Anything

This challenge consists of one person saying a single word, and the other person then saying a word and each person has 2 seconds to respond back.

If the person responds back with the same word as you, you must put a piece of tape on your face.

Accent Challenge

This challenge is fun and easy. The challenge consists of people putting emojis on flags and trying to guess what country the flag belongs to.

7 Second Challenge

The 7-second challenge is a task that requires a challenger to complete a task in seven seconds.

Cotton Ball Challenge

The person playing must try to scoop as many cotton balls into a bowl as possible whilst blindfolded.

Floor Is Lava Challenge

Speech Jammer Challenge

Try to have a normal conversation while using the speech jammer; it isn’t as easy as it seems.

Backward Word Challenge

Are you good at pronouncing words in a weird way? Can you read and say a word in reverse without missing a letter?

This is an excellent YouTube challenge idea for groups of friends. Don’t think too long about pronouncing a word and it can result in hilarious moments for your videos.

If so, try this challenge.

Duct Tape Challenge

An individual must be tied up with duct tape, either their hands or feet.

They must then try to escape while sitting on a chair.

The Dizzy Challenge

The dizzy challenge invites people to run around a football until they’re dizzy, and then try to score a goal in a goal post.

What’s In The Box Challenge

This challenge is very thrilling but intriguing. It requires an individual to stick their hand into a box with 2 open holes on the sides of the box; they must then try to guess what is in the box.

Coin Toss Dare Challenge

Friends must take turns flipping a coin, if it lands on the side your friend called you must complete a dare of their choosing.

Math Dance Challenge

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever will bring the truth out of anyone who participates.

It requires the players to repeat the phrase,’ Never have I ever’ and follow it up with an action they have never done before to hopefully receive a yes or no from the other players on whether they have done the action or not.

Truth Or Dare Challenge

Truth or Dare is commonly played to this very day. One individual must ask another the phrase,’ Truth Or Dare.

If the person being asked says truth, they must say yes or no to a question they are asked. If they say dare, they must complete an action told to them by the original asker.

Spin The Mystery Wheel Challenge

Can you go through with the luck of the wheel?

Write random forfeits on a wheel and spin it once; whatever it lands on is the task you must complete

The No-Look Challenge

A player must take turns pointing in random directions on a beat; the other person must look in a random direction at the same time. If they look the way you pointed, then you win.

Making Ugly Clothes Cute Challenge (Thrift Shop Flip)

You must buy clothes you usually wouldn’t buy or think of as cute and try to make it look ‘cute’.

Best Friend Challenge

You must ask your friend a barrage of questions and try to see how many they can guess right.

Two Truths, One Lie

One player must tell the other players 3 statements about themselves.

Two of the statements must be truthful and 1 must be a lie, whoever guesses the lie wins a point. The player with the most points wins.

Truth Or Drink

This challenge might get you a little tipsy.

One person must ask another a question of their choice, if the other person decides not to answer, they must take a shot.

Extreme Waxing Challenge

Sing Anything Challenge

Can you sing to anything? About any topic?

Try to sing to a random topic that your friend thinks of.

Dunk Hat Challenge

The dunk hat fills up a bucket of water on top of your head, you must twist a knob a certain number of times until the bucket randomly drops on your head.

Whoever gets wet first loses.

No Thumbs Challenge

For this challenge, you must try to complete various tasks without the use of your thumbs.

It’s very difficult but very entertaining.

More YouTube Challenge Ideas

Need even more fun challenge ideas? Here are some YouTube challenges to do with friends, family, or your crew.

Mannequin Challenge

Do you get stage fright easily?

Try to act as still as a mannequin in public and scare as many people as possible. Usually, the individuals wear white jumpsuits.

Speed Drawing

Two individuals try to draw a random object at the same time as fast as possible, and the winner is decided by whoever’s drawing looks the best.

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

This challenge can get messy, the challengers must try to do each other’s makeup while blindfolded, and the winner is decided by whoever gives the best makeover.

Roast Yourself Challenge

Can you roast yourself for fun? Roast yourself and try to get a laugh out of your friends; that’s the goal.

Water Bottle Flip Challenge

Drive-Thru Costume Challenge

This challenge is oddly funny. You must go through a drive-through in a funny costume of your choosing while trying not to laugh.

Things Only 1% of People Can Do

What are your skills? Try to perform a task or action you believe only 1% of people can do in the world.

Crazy Soccer Challenge

Try to copy your friends’ skills in this soccer challenge where your friend must perform a trick; you must try to do the same trick or complete a forfeit.

Going Out In Public Dressed As a Celebrity Challenge

For this challenge, you must dress up like your favorite celebrity, and if 1 person mistakes you for the celebrity, then you win.

Recreate Famous Instagram Pictures

Let Strangers Buy Your Outfit

Give a stranger a certain amount of money to spend on buying you an outfit, see what they can come up with and get someone to rate your outfit a high score.

5-Min DIY Challenge

Try to re-enact a DIY that your friend chooses in 5 minutes or less; it’s difficult but doable.

Do a Tough Challenge in a Videogame

Can you complete a tough task in a video game? Maybe try to reach a difficult milestone or achievement.

Dollar Store DIY Challenge

This challenge requires you to try and complete as many DYI challenges for under 1 Dollar.

Final Thoughts on YouTube Challenges

YouTube Challenges can be tons of fun, and they’re often easy to set up.

As you can see, with over 170 YouTube challenges to choose from, there is plenty to do and plenty of ways to provide entertaining content to your viewers.

If you need help thinking about YouTube challenge video ideas or if you want some additional ideas for your own challenges, I hope this article has helped.


What Are Good Challenges To Do?

The best YouTube challenges to do are those that you will enjoy the most and resonate the most with your audience. Some good examples include the ghost pepper challenge, the Wednesday dance challenge, try not to laugh challenges, and try not to say wow challenges.

What Are Fun Challenges For Couples?

The best challenges for couples on YouTube depend on your interests. Some of the most popular couple challenges include the not my legs challenge, bf/gf does my makeup, touch my body challenge, and the yoga challenge.

Is The Cinnamon Challenge a Teaspoon Or Tablespoon?

The challenge is to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon. As we outlined above, this is a dangerous challenge and you should’t attempt it as there is a risk of choking.

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