Super Chat: What Is It & How Does It Work

youtube super chat

Super Chats provide a platform for fans to sponsor content on YouTube. Fans pay to have their messages highlighted and pinned on a live stream. Usually, the host acknowledges the responses quickly. Content creators must meet ten criteria before offering the Super Chat function.  It’s challenging to produce content worth viewing. Unless you are a … Read more

Unlisted Videos: Visibility Settings You Need To Know

youtube unlisted videos

When a YouTube video’s visibility setting changes to “unlisted,” it’s no longer available to public users. To have access to the video, a user must have its link. Unlisted videos are less secure than private videos, which are inaccessible unless a user has special permission to view them. Let’s look at what unlisted videos mean … Read more

How Much Data Does YouTube Use?

how much data does youtube use

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular social media streaming platforms, with hundreds of millions of users streaming videos daily on their smartphones alone. You are probably one of them wondering how much data this platform uses and how you can lower it. We’ll tell you.  The data usage for YouTube will vary based … Read more

What Is A Vlogger?

what is a vlogger

With the rise of video, it may seem like blogging is getting increasingly out of style (even though you can still make a lot of money blogging), and vlogging is the next best thing, but what is vlogging and what is a vlogger exactly? Vlogger stands for “Video Blogger.” The term vlogger refers to someone … Read more

What Does ft Mean On YouTube?

The world of YouTube cartoon illustration

On YouTube, Ft. is an abbreviation meaning “featuring”. This is most common on music channels because artists often feature other artists in their music videos and songs. When someone includes ft. in the title, the featured person is also in the video or song. But on YouTube, music is not the only place where ft. … Read more