What Is The Most Liked Comment On YouTube?

YouTube is a great place to engage and chat with like-minded people within your community. It can also be a great place to leave witty remarks and comments.

You can generally see how well these comments are received by how many likes and replies they have.

More likes, normally mean the comment will rank higher in the comment section.

But, what is the best comment ever on YouTube? What is the most liked comment on YouTube?

In this article, that is what we’re going to find out. Here’s the short answer:

The most liked comment on YouTube is the “I’m the bald guy” comment by Seth Everman on Billie Eilish’s Music video for “Bad Guy”. The comment was posted on April 18th, 2019, and has so far gained approximately 3.3 million likes.

This is over a million likes more than the next most liked comment posted by the San Diego Zoo on the first-ever YouTube video, “Me at the zoo” with around 2.1 million likes.

Most liked comment on YouTube

Did the most liked comment on YouTube get removed?

If you head over to the Bad Guy music video of Billie Eilish, you would expect to see the comment from Seth Everman right at the top, but it seems to have vanished.

This has led many to believe that the comment has been removed or was deleted, but this is not true. The “I’m the bald guy” comment by Seth Everman has not been deleted, as confirmed by Seth himself in a recent video.

The comment is still on the video, it just does not appear as prominently as it may have before. This also means that it no longer gets any more likes, so it won’t reach more than the 3.3 million or so likes it already has.

But that does still leave an unknown question, why can’t we find the comment on the video?

Why can’t I find the “I’m the bald guy” comment?

As confirmed by Seth, the comment is still visible on the video, but it no longer ranks at the top.

If Seth views his comment, he can still find it, but other viewers may not be able to find it as it is buried now in the feed of over 800,000 comments (most of which are now just asking where it went).

This could be why the comment was made less visible. As suggested by Seth himself, maybe the record label requested that it appear right at the top, as it may have drawn the attention away from the song.

Or maybe there is a limit to how much a comment can be liked.

Having looked at the other contenders for the most liked comment on YouTube, once they pass a year or two in age, they seem to no longer rank at the top, this could mean that YouTube comments have a viral “age” of 2 years and then the “rank” they’ve built up disappears and they go back to their chronological position in the comment section.

Is the most liked comment on YouTube on the most viewed video?

You would think that the video that attracts the most attention would also have the comment with the most attention (or likes in this case), but this is not the case.

“Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish has gained over 1.1 billion views, making it an exceptionally well-performing video that has reached the billion view club, but it’s over 8 billion views off the pace of the most viewed YouTube video.

The “Baby Shark Dance” by “Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs & Stories” has gained over 9.5 billion views, making it easily the most-viewed YouTube video (with many parents wishing it wasn’t).

Do you get an award for the most like comment on YouTube?

Officially no awards are presented for the performance of YouTube comments, but Seth Everman did get an award for having the first comment to exceed 1 million likes.

Seth sent YouTube a tweet letting them know when the comment surpassed 1 million likes, and the YouTube team was kind enough to send him an award for his achievement.

Seth Everman Most Liked YouTube Comment
Seth Everman - I'm the bald guy - most liked comment on youtube

What we can learn from the “I’m the bald guy” comment

Having a comment perform well on a video has the benefit that more people see your YouTube channel and it can help your channel grow and attract more interested viewers.

So, is there anything you can take from the most liked comment on YouTube and use it so that you get more likes and replies to your comments?

Yes, there sure is.

  • The comment is short, funny, and easy to understand.
  • It’s very relevant to the video.
  • It was personal, connecting the commenter with the video.

Seth also made a parody of the “Bad Guy” video and promoted the popularity of his comment to his followers.

The parody then helped drive people to the original song and his comment, and the original song with his comment helped drive viewers to his parody and his YouTube channel.

His parody has gained over 87 million views already, and his YouTube comment played a massive part in achieving that.

Final thoughts on the most liked comment on YouTube

The most liked comment on YouTube is a great example of how you can use the power of video and social media to promote your YouTube channel.

The best way to do this is by using humor, being personal, and making sure that it’s relevant to the content in order for people who see your comment to click through and learn more about what you’re doing.

Don’t expect immediate results from leaving only a comment or two, consistency is key, and make sure to keep engaging within your community to attract the right kind of viewers.

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