What Is A Vlogger?

With the rise of video, it may seem like blogging is getting increasingly out of style (even though you can still make a lot of money blogging), and vlogging is the next best thing, but what is vlogging and what is a vlogger exactly?

Vlogger stands for “Video Blogger.” The term vlogger refers to someone who shares and records their opinions, thoughts, and experiences. Their goal could be for entertainment, personal, or educational purposes. Due to technological advancement, live vlogging has also become increasingly popular.

With so many people constantly spending their time on social media, many have realized it’s the perfect platform for a stable income or a lucrative extra income.

Let us take you on a journey about vloggers, what they are, as well as some ideas for the perfect vlog.

What are vloggers, and what do they do?

In simple terms, a vlogger is an ordinary person who is creative and creates edits, and uploads videos on a social media platform, most often YouTube. You can regard a vlogger as somebody who films their life rather than writing about it. 

Some vloggers choose to make daily videos of their life experiences and activities. Others will make videos less frequently when they have something particular to say or share with their followers. 

woman sitting on stairs vlogging to a camera

There is a fine line between a vlog and a video channel in the vlogging practice. The primary platform for videos and vlogs is YouTube, and although many YouTube channels are considered vlogs, they do not feature “day in the life” videos. 

If a YouTube channel contains similar content that a blog would, but it is in a video format, you can consider it a vlog.

To confuse people even more, some famous YouTubers operate on separate YouTube channels, one of which would act as a vlogging channel. Other YouTubers will just run a combined channel, which will contain short movies that could be considered vlog videos.

Video blogs are a form of online television, which is getting increasingly popular on sites. If a vlogger becomes especially popular and their videos get lots of views, they can make a living out of their vlogs, making a vlogger a bonafide profession.

What are the benefits of vloggers?

Being a vlogger has many benefits, but it also makes a difference in our fast-paced and stressful world.

If you’re wondering what’s the point of being a vlogger and what their goals are, you may have a better understanding.

Let’s take a look:

Being a vlogger makes things more human

In the past, technology was limited, and most people were unaware of how businesses were run and what work was done behind the scenes.

But vlogging has made it so much easier for creators to share their journey and provide viewers and entrepreneurs with some insight into how things work. 

With this, the creators don’t only connect with their audience and followers but also make the journey for the audience much more real. 

The followers and audience will feel a human connection with these creators, and they will find themselves more willing to support them.

what is a vlogger

Vloggers make a difference in the world

Vlogging also allows creative people to make a difference. Vloggers will share their opinions on various worldwide movements, subjects, and situations. 

As a result, it helps millions of people share the experiences that happened to them or others, allowing them to be heard and receive justice.

Casey Neistat, one of the most successful and wealthy vloggers, rose to fame by creating PSA (Public Service Announcement) vlogs, like this one challenging bike lane regulations in New York City.

Vloggers work to connect people

Vlogging helps to connect people with people from all across the globe. The videos that the creator record has the potential to reach an audience all over the world, helping them to connect. 

Vlogging also helps to gain more exposure and positively makes the influencers and creators stand out in a community.

Vloggers create a community of like-minded people

When a vlogger starts to gain popularity on their platform, they build an audience and a community of like-minded people. These people have very similar interests and likes, and as they come together, they help to support the vlogger. 

This community of similar people creates a supportive and safe atmosphere. The vlogger will usually also accept comments and questions, which helps them better understand the audience’s dislikes, likes, and opinions.

9 Different types of vlogs

There are many kinds of vlogs, and each vlogger’s imagination is the limit.

Let’s look at some of the most popular types of vlogs and how they work:

1. Travel vlogs

A travel vlog is a vlog where the person shares footage from their travels with their followers. 

This could either include simple b-roll montages of the beautiful places they have visited, or they would talk about historical facts and places or recommend places to visit in a particular country or region.

Some examples of popular travel vloggers include:

man travel vlogging in a train

2. Gardening/nature vlogs

Gardening or nature vlogs are mainly vlogs about greenery.

This is where vloggers would show their grass, soil, and flowers, and maybe provide the audience with general tips and tricks, and show them how they do their gardening. 

Nature vlogs would mainly include videos about scenery the vlogger came across, such as while on a hike.

Some examples of gardening vlogs are:

3. Family vlogs

A family vlog would be more personal, where the vlogger would share their personal and family life with their viewers.

These vlogs usually contain family outings, special skills, or daily life.

An example of a family vlog is The LaBrant Fam.

4. Daily vlogs

A daily vlog would be like a window into the vlogger’s life.

This type of vlog could also be referred to as a video diary, but instead, it would be a diary that the vloggers share with their online followers. 

They would talk about anything they experienced or was on their mind that specific day.

Casey Neistat made the daily vlog popular, but any channel that uploads daily could fall into this category.

a man casually vlogging with a kitchen in the background

5. Musical vlogs

A musical vlog would consist of anything relating to music.

A popular choice amongst vloggers would be to make vlogs where they would cover songs from their favorite artists. 

A musical vlog could also be more educational, as vloggers could offer online piano lessons or learn more about a specific instrument.

6. Beauty/makeup vlogs

A beauty or makeup vlog would be where the vlogger shares their beauty tips with their followers.

This type of vlog could be anything related to what brands of makeup to buy, how to apply it, or how to make a certain hairstyle. 

Beauty vlogs can also include fashion and where to get some of the latest trends for cheaper.

An example of a beauty/makeup vlog is Taisha, but massive creators like James Charles also started with a makeup vlog.

7. Educational vlogs

An educational vlog would be a vlog that teaches people a new skill. It could be anything, for example, learning to play guitar or piano as mentioned above, building a new house, or speaking a new language. 

The vlogger would simply share their area of expertise, allowing others with a similar interest to learn from them.

8. Tech Vlogs

A teach vlog would deal with anything tech-related.

The vlogger could cover the latest gadgets and review them or show their viewers how they unbox a new item, how to use them, and more.

The possibilities are endless with so many sorts of technology at our fingertips.

Techlinked for example, is an almost daily tech news channel run by Linus Media Group.

man doing a tech review unboxing vlog video

9. Fitness And Health Vlogs

Fitness and health vlogs focus more on your body and overall health. Vloggers may be personal trainers, talking and showing exercises or how they lost a lot of weight.

Some vloggers could also cover protein shakes and bars and how to improve your diet.

Final thoughts on vloggers

Understanding what vloggers are and what vloggers do gives you excellent insight into how they can make a difference in our world through social media. 

It’s important to note that anybody can become a vlogger if they are outgoing, communicate effectively, and keep their audience engaged.

This doesn’t mean you need to be very extroverted; you just need to put in the effort to create content for your viewers.

You can implement many vlog ideas, no matter your personality type.

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