17 Best Madden YouTubers To Watch

Whether you’re a Madden veteran or just starting, these 17 YouTube channels will help you take your game to the next level.

From strategy tips and in-depth gameplay analysis to funny compilations, these channels have everything you need to improve your skills and dominate the competition, or just chill out and relax.

So if you haven’t found your go-to channels yet, we’ve compiled a list of the 17 best Madden YouTubers, from beginner-friendly tutorial makers to expert Ultimate Team players and everything in between.

best madden youtubers

1. MMG

MMG madden youtuber

MMG is among the most famous names in the Madden YouTube scene, with over 2.26 million subscribers.

He’s also a consistent content creator with more than 2,010 videos since 2015, or about 4-5 videos per week.

You’ll find various content on MMG’s channels, such as lets plays, wheel of MUT, challenges, and what-ifs. He also uploads the occasional vlog or gameplay from other games like Fortnite.

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2. YoBoy PIZZA

yoboy pizza youtube channel

YoBoy PIZZA is another huge channel with more than 2 million subscribers and a ton of varied Madden content, specifically on Ultimate Team.

If you’ve ever wondered how crazy MUT draft teams could perform, you’ll enjoy watching the different ways YoBoy PIZZA builds his. He also shares plenty of highlights from his best games with his witty analysis.

3. QJB

QJB's YouTube channel

Neal Bridges, best known as QJB, is a popular American Madden YouTuber.

As one of the oldest Madden YouTubers, who started his channel in 2006, it’s no surprise that QJB has a large YouTube following.

QJB uploads content on different versions of Madden, catering to different Madden audiences, which is most likely why he has such a large following.

His content also draws subscribers to his channel as he posts entertaining reactions, insightful reviews, helpful tips, practical suggestions, and frequent live streams to engage with his subscribers.

4. KayKayEs

KayKayes YouTube channel

Your friendly neighborhood YouTuber, KayKayEs, has been uploading since 2015.

And with over 1.5 million subscribers, he’s made it on the big Madden YouTube stage.

Kay often challenges himself to play Madden in new ways, such as by drafting a team of the tallest, lowest-rated, oldest, etc., players.

He also uploads pack openings and highlights from his Twitch streams.

5. Zirksee

Zirksee's YouTube channel

If you need help keeping up with the latest trends and current meta in Madden, then let Zirksee be your Ultimate Team news anchor.

With over 240k subscribers, Zirksee has been keeping hundreds of thousands of people in the loop for years. But he also has other content, like pack openings, gameplay tips, and his highlights.

6. GutFoxx

GutFoxx's YouTube channel

GutFoxx is one of the most underappreciated channels in the Madden YouTube scene.

He has a loyal fanbase and has been uploading daily Madden videos for years, but he’s only accumulated 86k subscribers.

GutFoxx uploads excellent tips that most people overlook, like TOTW and campus hero hidden gems. And if you’re more interested in MUT gameplay, check his second channel, GutFoxx To.


imav3riq's youtube channel

iMAV3RIQ is one of the older Madden channels that are still active today.

Although the channel started in 2011, iMAV3RIQ began uploading Madden 25 content in 2014 and has so far amassed 1.11 million subscribers.

Madden let’s plays, and MUT highlights are at the heart of iMAV3RIQ, but he often uploads other quality content like vlogs and challenges with his friends and live streams.

8. TDBarrett

tdbarrett's YouTube channel

TDBarrett is another fairly old channel. His first videos were Madden 15 Ultimate Team gameplay clips and tips.

Seven years, 4,000+ videos, and nearly 1.5 million subscribers later, TDBarrett is still one of our favorite Madden YouTubers.

Although TDBarrett uploads various Madden content, such as challenges and trades, his recent niche shows glitched players and tactics on Madden 23.

9. AntoDaBoss

AntoDaBoss's YouTube channel

AntoDaBoss, also known as Anto Garabet, is an Armenian-American Madden YouTuber.

He is one of the older Madden YouTubers who share multiple videos each week, with Madden videos covering touchdowns, reviews, lineups, scoring, streams, features, and seasons.

10. TDPresents

TDPresents YouTube channel

TDPresents is an American Madden YouTuber who posts videos about pack openings and prides himself in his YouTube playlist entitled “No Money Spent.”

In his “No Money Spent” playlists, he shares the latest updates on players who are available for free and packs that are free.

Additionally, he shows his subscriber how to access the free players and explains what makes them unique. 

11. MikeMAACC

MikeMAACC's YouTube channel

Three words: no money spent. That’s the bread and butter of MikeMAACC’s YouTube channel, which currently sits at 154k subscribers.

It’s incredible how far Mike gets without spending a dime on his teams. Of course, it also takes a tremendous amount of gameplay skill, which he certainly doesn’t lack.

The catch with MikeMAACC is that he recently went on a hiatus to pursue law school, but a recent upload with the release of Madden 23 is promising.

12. Toke

Toke's Madden YouTube channel

It seems like Madden 25 was the source of inspiration for many great YouTubers, such as Toke. Over the last eight years, Toke has been synonymous with Madden pack openings, gaining nearly 750k subscribers.

Of course, Toke isn’t just about pack openings. You’ll also find gameplay highlights from Ultimate Team and franchise mode. And he frequently streams on Twitch, too.

13. Throne

Throne's YouTube Channel

Throne is one of those famous Madden figures that often sets the gameplay meta, especially over the last 3-4 years when he had his popularity boom. And right now, he sits at 358k subscribers.

Throne is the kind of “sweaty” player who takes the game seriously, but not in the wrong way. It’s incredible how he finds new ways to play the game and win.

14. RBT

rbt's YouTube channel

RBT has been incredibly hard-working with his videos since he started uploading football content in 2010. Yes, you read that right; he’s been around for 12 years.

And although RBT started with NCAA and even NFL content, he picked up Madden 13 in 2012, which got him to 1.03 million subscribers.

Recently, he’s been uploading franchises, trading, and what-if-styled videos.

15. Bengal

bengal's youtube channel

Bengal is the YouTube king of Madden franchises.

He’s been doing it since Madden 16 six years ago. And with 433k subscribers today, he’s still consistently uploading incredible content from franchise mode, including some big challenges.

Bengal also often challenges himself, such as when he built his perfect team with just $10. Occasional rankings, rating reviews, and tips are also helpful.

16. VictionaryHD

VictionaryHD's YouTube channel

VictionaryHD is like the MrBeast of Madden YouTube. Grand pack openings and expensive teams are all over the place on the channel.

But seven years ago, his specialty was epic highlights and lists from Madden 15.

Recently, VictionaryHD uploaded a video where he challenged students from the University of Houston to beat him for a free copy of Madden 23. And if that doesn’t symbolize MrBeast, we don’t know what does.

17. EricRayweather

EricRayweather's YouTube channel

We’ll wrap up with one of our favorite channels for beginners and intermediate players: EricRayweather.

Eric has various incredible tips to improve your Madden game and make you a more well-rounded player with tutorials on passing, defense tactics, playbooks, and more.

Eric is also a great source of Madden news and reviews of new features.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Madden player, there’s bound to be at least one YouTuber in this list that can help take your game up a notch.

Check out their channels and subscribe if you like what you see.


Who Is The Best Madden YouTuber?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a YouTuber and which of these Madden YouTubers you can relate to best. While some of these creators may not be to everyone’s taste, you may find they are the best Madden channel for you.

Are Professional Madden Players Better Than YouTubers?

Some professional Madden players are better than the top YouTubers, but some aren’t. It depends on the individual. Many of the best Madden YouTubers are also very good at the game, so it’s worth checking them out.

What Do The Best Madden YouTubers Do?

The best Madden YouTubers tend to be entertaining and informative, providing insight into the game that casual fans may not be aware of. They also typically have great production value, high-quality editing, and graphics.

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