What Is a Super Chat On YouTube

If you are a creator on YouTube, the platform offers many opportunities to earn an income. Like affiliate links in your descriptions, video sponsorships, and advertising on your videos, Super Chats are another way to earn directly from your audience, but what is a Super Chat on YouTube exactly?

Super Chats provides a platform for fans to sponsor content on YouTube. Fans pay to have their messages highlighted and pinned on a live stream. Usually, the host acknowledges the responses quickly. There are ten criteria for content creators to meet before offering the Super Chat function. 

It’s challenging to produce content worth viewing. Unless you are a creator with an entirely sponsored or paid-for channel, the odds are monetization is significant to you. Subscribing to Adsense is an option; however, Super Chats takes monetization to a new, more dynamic level. 

Super Chat Is A Way For YouTubers To Monetize Their Live Streams

Super chats let creators generate revenue from their live streams by allowing followers to respond with pinned and highlighted messages. Fans pay for Super Chat messages, and the amount paid determines how long a message remains pinned and highlighted in the chat stream. 

In short, the fan donates money to the content creator. And, in so doing, activates their Super Chat ability, immediately connecting with the host and gaining recognition for asking pertinent questions, commenting, or voicing their opinions. 

Super Chat is straightforward; YouTube content creators require funds to produce high-quality, engaging content for their followers. Fans benefit from Super Chats by having their comments noted or questions answered. 

If the content is good, fans are more than willing to support the host because they understand that producing quality content is expensive.

Super Chats aren’t free for viewers, but they are one of the most direct ways of supporting your favorite channels. 

You can support your favorite YouTubers for free by watching more of their videos, subscribing, clicking their affiliate links, and sharing their content if you’re not in a position to support them with a Super Chat donation right now (or if they do not do live streams).

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There Are Criteria To Meet Before Activating Super Chat

To benefit from the revenue of Super Chat, the host must meet ten criteria:

  • Adsense must be active.
  • The channel needs to be monetized.
    • The channel needs more than 1000 subscribers.
    • YouTube requires 4000 hours of public video watch time.
  • Super Chat needs to be activated on the channel.
  • The creator needs to be over 18 years old.
  • The location must be eligible for Super Chat.
  • It must be live-streamed.
  • The live stream needs to be public.
  • Content must be suitable for all ages.

Super Chats Take Place On Live Streams

Super Chats are only available for live streaming on YouTube. Fans purchase a Super Chat during the broadcast and comment on the stream. 

Their thoughts and questions are immediately visible to the host, and the content creator can see the message immediately. The message also creates opportunities for other viewers to engage on the same topic.

Because this is a live stream, hosts can moderate conversations and ban certain words or phrases.

Creators can also ban members who harass them or write inappropriate comments.

Super Chat Is A Dynamic Chat Tool

Super Chat benefits both the host and the donor in various ways. This chat option is dynamic and is not affected by delayed responses.

The hosts get an opportunity to understand what fans are interested in and which topics to expand on or rethink.

Donors benefit by connecting directly with the host in real time. Fans who communicate via Super Chat stand a chance to get the accolade of Super Fans which boosts their credentials and visibility on the channel.

5 Steps To Activate Super Chat On Your Channel

Setting up a Super Chat on your live stream is simple when you meet all the eligibility requirements.

If you do, follow these seven steps:

1. Go to the YouTube menu and click on YouTube Studio.

Open YouTube Studio from the dropdown menu

2. Select the “Monetization” option on the left.

Monetization in the YouTube Studio

3. Choose “Supers” from the tabs on the top.

channel monetization tabs on youtube

4. Select “Enable”; a screen will pop up with details to fill in.

5. Provide all the necessary information and accept the T&Cs.

Super Chat and Super Stickers T&Cs

After these five steps, you are good to go, and fans will be able to donate to you and engage with you on your channel with Super Chat.

How To Donate With Super Chat

Messaging via Super Chat is simple; it only takes a few seconds, so you chat instantly.

There are five easy steps to follow:

  1. Go to the chat box on your screen. Mobile screens must be in portrait mode.
  2. Select the Super Chat option on the message screen.
  3. Choose the amount you want to donate. Click on the “Buy and Send” button.
  4. Follow the instructions to start your Super Chat.
  5. Start chatting and have your posts highlighted.

Let Your Viewers Know You Accept Super Chats

Tell your audience that you have the Super Chat functionality on our channel and would appreciate a donation if they’re in a position to do so. Then stress that there is no expectation for them to donate.

It may feel awkward to request donations, which is why content must be well thought through and produced.

By addressing this upfront in an easy-going, approachable manner, you show followers that you are serious about content creation and are giving them an easy way to support you.

Be specific about what or who the donation will benefit, and follow this up with proof in the future.

Communicate With Your Super Chat Participants

Grow and maintain your Super Chats by ensuring that your content and conversation are compelling and on point. Never downplay conversations with your fans and your donors; focus on their input and reward it with recognition.

Immediacy is key to success; this is one of the benefits for your Super Chat donors; reply to them quickly and ensure your answers are relevant and helpful.

An effective way to engage is to ask your Super Chat sponsors what they want to watch in future streams and follow up on it.

Invest a great deal of effort and curate excellent content to reward donors and keep them supporting you.

It Is Important to thank your donors for their support; give them a shout-out during your stream to make them feel valued. Putting up a board with top Super Chats on screen throughout the stream is an alternative way to give credence to regular Super Chat participants.

YouTube streamer engaging with viewers by waving to the camera

You may also respond to a specific question or comment on your stream and reference the Super Chat donor’s input.

Likewise, request in-depth information on a topic and use the Super Chat fan’s response in the next live show to boost that fan’s credibility as an expert on the subject of conversation.

Another way to engage on Super Chat is to reward your audience every time a new Super Chat is activated. 

Try revealing a snippet of trivia about yourself or accepting an online dare or YouTube challenge.

The bottom line is that Super Chats must add excitement to your interaction with fans and make it worthwhile to donate to your channel.

Final Thoughts On YouTube Super Chats

YouTube offers a function called Super Chat which allows fans to donate to creators in return for a more prominent message. 

Content creators must be over 18 years old, have over 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of watch time, activate Adsense, and the video or YouTube Premiere with the Super Chat needs to be public.

Fans pay to have messages highlighted and pinned on a live stream, and the hosts can acknowledge and prioritize responses to these messages.

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