35 Vlog Ideas For YouTube

Either you want to start vlogging, are new to it, or are a seasoned vlogger searching for fresh ideas to keep your YouTube channel trending and on the go in our fast-paced world.

Below we have an array of different and unique vlog ideas that you can use as is or spark creativity in you. You may feel like you do not know where to go, are stuck, or are in a rut, but we have you covered.

Vlog Ideas:

  1. A Day In Your Life
  2. Meeting Long-Distance Friends Or Family
  3. Couple Video
  4. Reacting To Other Videos
  5. Pet Caring
  6. Tour Of Your House Or Room
  7. Decorating A Home Or Room
  8. Challenge Vlog
  9. Prank Vlog
  10. Fail Videos Vlog
  11. A List Of Your Top Or Favorites
  12. And More…

35 Best Vlog Ideas

To give you some fresh inspiration, check out these 35 great vlog ideas to spice up your YouTube channel.

1. A Day In Your Life

One of these vlogs is a great way to give your viewers an intimate insight into the person you are and how you typically spend your time throughout the day.

You do not want to show all the mundane aspects, but certainly, the exciting highlights of your day.

Record as much footage as possible from your wake-up until you head to sleep and see what you come out with.

2. Meeting Long-Distance Friends Or Family

A happy reunion between family and friends always brings a warm feeling to one’s heart.

If you are going to meet someone you have not seen in ages, build up the anticipation and then show your viewers the excitement and enjoyment of the precious moments spent together.

Again, this is a rather personal vlog, so you must be sure about what you want to show.

3. Couple Video 

You may want to include relationship advice, especially if you and your partner have been together for a long time.

You can also talk about best date ideas and what sort of gifts you recommend.

A couples’ video is also an intimate and entertaining vlog idea in which you can either spread the content out over a few separate vlogs or mesh them all into one.

4. Reacting To Other Videos

These vlogs are not new, but there are twists and spins that others and yourself could put on this idea.

Viewers usually receive these videos well, especially if they offer a significant fun factor and are hilarious to watch.

For this, you can look at other peoples’ content and movie scenes or even go back in time and view and cringe at some of your first vlogs.

5. Pet Caring

If you own a pet, you can take full advantage of your gorgeous little (or big) treasure. You can show people how you care for your pet, from feeding to grooming. 

You may want to consider adding the potential difficulties of owning and caring for such a pet so that others can be informed. Also, include some dos and do-not in the vlog.

6. Tour Of Your House Or Room

As with a day in your life, a tour around your house or even particular rooms can be fascinating, especially for your committed fans, followers, and subscribers. 

The point of this video is to take the viewer into a more immersive experience of the space you inhabit.

It does not need to invade your privacy, but let’s say you do a baking vlog, then show your kitchen and such.

7. Decorating A Home Or Room

If you have the budget or are already planning on redecorating or filling a space for the first time, this video promises to be fun for you and your viewers.

This can be (as mentioned, a complete makeover for a home or room), or you can focus on a time of the year, such as Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, and give your viewers ideas they can incorporate into their spaces.

8. Challenge Vlog

Tons of YouTube challenges already exist and are a great option if you find it tough to develop new content. 

You will need to stay updated with the latest challenges and see how you can put your signature on the challenge. 

Alternatively, you can be a pioneer (especially if you have a large following) and come up with one of your own.

9. Prank Vlog

People often tend to have a slightly sadistic side and are keen to see prank videos executed well. 

These videos also have a reputation for doing well online, are likely to garner many views, and may even increase your subscribers.

To get inspiration, search on YouTube to see which pranks get the most views and positive feedback.

10. Fail Videos Vlog

There are many compilations of these sorts of videos, but if you look at what is online, some tend to do better than others.

Look at what attracts people and be alert for what some may find more amusing than prank videos.

Often if the individual seemingly gets badly injured, people are less amused, but watching people fall off or get things wrong is funny.

11. A List Of Your Top Or Favorites 

This video is so wide arching that you could do multiple versions of these and use the same base template but change up the content.

For instance, you could run through and discuss your all-time favorite movies, singers, holiday destinations, products, seasonal activities, and so on.

You can list between 5-10 and then give an exciting explanation for each pick.

12. A List Of Your Worst And Least Favorite 

This one takes the same form as the things that are your favorite, but now you are examining and explaining the top things you dislike.

Again you could choose from the examples listed in the previous vlog idea, or if you want to, you could even do a combined video where you discuss your favorites and least favorites all in one.

13. Opinion And Ranting Vlog

This can take a similar form as the two above; however, this sort of video could react to other videos you have seen (perhaps you compete with another channel) and would like to speak about how they got something completely wrong.

Alternatively, you could discuss something that you feel strongly about and is close to your heart and want to get it out there for discussion.

14. Review And Rating Vlog

A large portion of the world is run by consumerism, and people purchase and consume a great deal.

You can review and rate movies, TV series, music, games, books, electronic goods, or a particular company’s customer service.

Sharing your experience with your audience will give them a chance to think before they go out and spend.

15. An Unboxing Vlog

As with the previous vlogging idea, this one is slightly similar; however, it differs because you will not have used the product yet.

You are showing the viewer the unboxing process and commenting on your first impressions of whatever you have purchased.

You can also explain why you bought the item and your intended uses, then follow this up with a review.

16. What You Keep In Your Bag 

This one could be considered a challenge because you will be divulging what is in your bag.

Often, the more honest you are about the contents of your bag, the greater the reaction from your viewers and subscribers.

This is precisely as it sounds, you pour the contents of your bag out on camera and explain why you keep the particular contents in your bag.

17. Vlogging About Your Own Product Line

There are many ways to make money from a YouTube channel, such as monetizing it, but products are great too.

If you have a long-running channel and are at the point where you sell your merchandise, then creating a video when you launch a new item or product is undoubtedly a great idea. This is because it creates awareness and is a way to continue to sell your brand.

18. A How To Do Vlog

If you are particularly savvy about a particular topic or have handy skills that can be used in a DIY video, then, by all means, capitalize on that and make tutorials to share with your viewers.

Knowledge is undoubtedly profitable and works particularly well on a platform like YouTube, as often this is where people go to learn how to make or do something. 

19. Cooking, Baking, And Recipe Vlog

If you are familiar with the kitchen and know how to make quick, easy, delicious dishes, puddings, and desserts, then you need to share these with the world.

Additionally, most people nowadays are looking for things that taste good but are also healthy for you, so if you have a few of these recipes up your sleeve, do not be shy to share them with viewers. 

20. Beauty And Fashion

If you have knowledge of makeup and clothing and how to create perfect looks for various occasions, then this is likely a vlog you may wish to indulge in.

You can begin by showing the audience your wardrobe or recently purchased outfits and cosmetics.

Then give them tutorials on creating looks that will make them stand out from the crowd by showing them a few tricks.

fashion vlogger

21. Teaching Languages

Countless people around the globe are looking to learn new and different languages all the time.

The problem is that on most platforms, individuals need to pay third-party companies to access the information they have to convey.

So instead, why not make playlists of you teaching languages that you are proficient in and reap the rewards from viewings?

22. Healthy Living

Leading a healthy lifestyle has always been something that people have promoted; however, in recent years, the push to get more people to realize its importance has blown up, and it is a vast portion of the YouTube community.

So if you live a healthy and holistic lifestyle, why not share tips on getting started and maintaining this way of living?

23. Weight-loss

Many people struggle with this, primarily because once the extra layers are packed on, it is immensely challenging to get rid of them.

So if you are a dietitian, personal trainer, or someone who has already walked this journey and knows what it takes, share your wisdom and encourage others that there is hope.

Remind them, though, that it will mean hard work. 

24. Fitness, Exercise, And Training

The types of vlogs you can create under this banner are endless, ranging from how to perform an exercise or movement such as a deadlift.

You can even demonstrate an entire workout routine and discuss the errors and pitfalls that people often face.

The most important thing is that you know the correct technique; otherwise, you will be called out by other fitness gurus.

25. Behind The Scenes Of Making Your Vlogs

As with showing people your home or a day in your life, giving them insight into how you plan, prepare, and execute your vlogs, can be highly entertaining if done correctly.

You can show how you record them and what your editing process looks like and describe tips and tricks (or even mistakes you made) from your experiences.

26. Video Editing Vlog

Plenty of people believe that editing an impressive video is easy, and simultaneously others think it is a daunting task they will never be capable of. 

If you have been editing your content for some time, or perhaps even working as a video editor when you are not vlogging, you can offer advice on what programs to use, how the workflow should look, and other elements.  

27. Photograph Editing Vlog

With the advent of smartphones and many different means of editing your photos seamlessly, many have forgotten or chosen to overlook the intricacies and nuances that can come with photo editing.

This is mostly true when looking at the work of professional photographers – many do not give them due credit. So share program suggestions, techniques, and tips. 

photographer editing a photo using a drawing tablet

28. Motivational Vlog

Some people are just gifted at motivating others, and if you are capable of this, then you have an excellent asset that you can use for motivational videos.

These can be related to specific topics or areas of life or just helping to encourage people when they are down.

What helps is if you have walked a difficult road yourself and conquered things that seemed impossible at the time. 

29. Explain Why You Started Vlogging

Many people would like to pick up a camera and some gear and begin vlogging, but they are unsure of their motivation or intention for their videos.

If you are a seasoned vlogger or are just starting, presenting your audience with why you took it up in the first place might spark something in others, and it may well cause people to want to watch more of your content.

30. Collaborate With Another YouTuber Or Vlogger

Collaborations are always exciting for viewers of both vloggers to encounter. Finding a content creator who makes stuff similar to your own is a good idea.

You also need to consider that someone with hundreds of thousands of followers is unlikely to collaborate with an unknown vlogger. However, this could be a way of forming connections and gaining viewers.

If you’re unsure how to connect with other vloggers, this article covers exactly how to message someone on YouTube.

31. Asking For Or Looking For Ideas From Your Viewers

If you are someone with an established audience, they are likely continually commenting and hoping to engage with you.

They will probably also follow you on other social media platforms, and listening to what they say is essential.

Either put a request out for ideas for future videos or give a shoutout to a viewer who has already given you an idea and use it.

32. Do A FAQ Vlog Of Subscriber Questions

If you are a seasoned vlogger and have a substantial subscriber base, then it is more than likely that you have received questions in your comment section, and you can use this (just like in the previous idea) to help you create content for future videos.

Take a look through the most frequently asked questions and also some that are unique, and do a vlog where you answer these.

If you’re starting, you can also make a FAQ-style video by answering some of the Q&A questions I’ve compiled in this massive list.

33. Vlog About Your Goals And Aspirations 

We all have goals and dreams, and being a successful vlogger may be one that has already come true for you or is still in the making.

One idea is to keep the video’s content linked to your channel’s mission statement.

So, for instance, if you have a gardening channel, try to stick to how you hope to grow certain plants, acquire different species, or perhaps visit renowned flower shows.

34. Travel Vlog

Travel vlogging is undoubtedly a popular type of video that people enjoy creating and watching. 

The viewers get to experience what it is like to visit the places they have been to and perhaps even get ideas as to where they would like to go for their next vacation.

So be sure to show the places you visited, the people you met, the food you ate, and other exciting aspects of your travels.

35. Holiday Or Season Vlog

For these types of vlogs, make the videos themed around the particular holiday or season you are focusing on.

You will want to release the videos on the days’ commencements, at the start, or during the season.

Consider major global holidays, but also think about some unique ones like Donut Day. You could ultimately have an entire playlist devoted to these types of videos.

Final Thoughts On YouTube Vlog Ideas

Great vloggers always have vlog ideas for new content to keep their audience engaged. 

If you’re having trouble thinking of fresh material for your YouTube channel, try out some of the 35 best vlog ideas we’ve compiled here. 

And if you need help growing your YouTube following or making money from your videos, check out our YouTuber resources. From tips on how to film professional-quality videos on a budget to strategies for promoting your channel, we can help you take your vlogging game up a notch.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see where these creative vlogging ideas take you.

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