7 YouTubers That Live In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has become quite a popular place for YouTubers and influencers to move to. This is mainly due to better, safer living conditions, lower cost of living, and lower income taxes than they had in California.

The result is that we now have many great and famous YouTubers living in Las Vegas. So, who are some of these YouTubers?

1. IBXToycat

IBXToycat is one of the most popular YouTubers that live in Las Vegas

Andrew, also known as IBXToycat, is a popular Minecraft YouTuber. Often simply referred to as “Toycat,” Andrew is an Englishman from the United Kingdom who recently applied for his visa to move to the United States.

He has already moved to an apartment in Las Vegas, where he spends most of his time these days while he is working on getting his immigration finalized.

Toycat is known for posting primarily instructional Minecraft videos, but he is also famous for his “let’s play” videos, where he will entertain viewers with interesting anecdotes and his thoughts about everything from food to politics while experimenting with random things in Minecraft.

He currently has almost 2 million subscribers on his primary channel, “ibxtoycat.”

Andrew has nine other channels, including ibx2cat, Andrew Andrews, BoltztheClown, and more.

Some of his videos show him exploring his new hometown in Las Vegas and comparing the differences between living in the United Kingdom versus Las Vegas.

He likes to explore the local food and little intricacies of the United States and compare them with his experiences in the UK.

IBXToycat appeals mostly to fans of Minecraft, but his tangents and discussions will make many of his videos entertaining to anyone who would like to look at Las Vegas (and life in general) through the eyes of an outspoken Englishman.

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2. Casey Neistat*

Casey Neistats YouTube Channel

Casey Neistat’s channel is slightly different, as he’s probably one of the most famous residents of New York, but he qualifies for this list because of his time in Las Vegas while not living in New York.

Casey’s channel has over 12 million subscribers, which is incredible for a YouTuber who, by his admission, is “not able to make amazingly perfect content.”

Casey specializes in making spontaneous content that is real and touches a nerve in his viewers. He revolutionized vlogging and is widely accepted to be responsible for the rise of vlog channels in recent years, thanks to his unique style of videomaking.

Casey has become quite a celebrity in his own right through his channel, even winning GQ’s Man of the Year award in 2016.

Casey Neistat also made news when YouTube blocked his videos about the Las Vegas massacre and demonetized his content about a fundraiser for the victims’ families.

These facts stirred the YouTube community about who filters and approves the content posted on YouTube and why these filters are often applied.

Casey’s channel is great for informative, entertaining, and often unpredictable content.

3. Living In Las Vegas

The living in las vegas youtube channel

The Living in Las Vegas YouTube channel features precisely what the name suggests: content about life in Las Vegas.

The channel is operated by married couple Craig and Erica, both real estate agents in Henderson, Las Vegas. According to their channel description, they love spending their free time exploring Las Vegas and the surrounding areas with their son, Colin.

The channel has over 55 thousand subscribers at the moment. They love featuring content about exciting parts of Las Vegas or experimenting with different things in the area.

For example, in one video, the family explores the abandoned marina at Lake Mead, and in another, they review a $17 hotel room at the Luxor Hotel. They also have some more adventurous content, like water skiing.

If you’re interested in what it’s like to live in Las Vegas and see some exciting things to explore when you visit there, Life in Las Vegas is an excellent and entertaining channel to browse and subscribe to.

4. Jacob’s Life In Vegas

jacobs Life In Vegas YouTube channel

Jacob Orth is the YouTuber behind the channel Jacob’s Life in Vegas. This channel is similar to Living in Las Vegas, mentioned above, in many ways. Jacob is also an estate agent living in Vegas. 

Still, with a slightly different angle: Jacob likes to tell people about both the good and the bad side of life in Las Vegas, and his more than 100,000 subscribers appreciate his efforts.

Jacob has videos that show off Vegas’s beautiful and entertaining sights first-hand. These include videos of the strip on a Saturday night and the grand reopening of the Bellagio and Freemont Street.

But Jacob also likes to show the dark side of Vegas. He has videos about how Las Vegas prostitutes scam people, ways to avoid rookie mistakes, things that are destroying Las Vegas and its reputation, and how to avoid expensive Vegas resort fees.

Jacob’s Life in Vegas is an informative look behind the scenes of Las Vegas, showing both the good and the bad and warning visitors about things to look out for to make their visit a safer and more pleasant experience.

5. JC Caylen

JC Caylen's YouTube Channel

JC Caylen is more of a general vlogger and YouTuber who posts videos about a wide range of topics, all from his home in sunny Las Vegas.

JC’s channel description says that he “uploads memories,” which is quite fitting since most of his videos are just random things he gets up to in daily life. But people love it, and his almost 2 million subscribers prove this point.

JC Caylen’s videos are simply fun and entertaining. He makes no statements about life in Las Vegas and doesn’t try to share important information.

His content includes videos where he orders and eats a pizza with every possible topping, calls his girlfriend by another girl’s name to test her reaction, and surprises his friend with his dream car. It’s just entertaining, fun content.

If you’re looking for a channel that you can’t take too seriously, just letting you unwind and relax for a while, JC Caylen will be a very entertaining YouTuber to follow.

6. The Gabbie Show

Gabbie Hanna's YouTube Channel

Gabbie Hanna, or The Gabbie Show, is a channel that Gabbie runs from her home in Las Vegas. The channel is mainly for entertainment purposes, and Gabbie offers a wide range of entertainment. She’s funny, engaging, and multi-talented.

Gabbie initially started on Vine, but she quickly found the six-second time cap too limiting and created her YouTube channel to express herself better.

Her videos range from jokes to discussions on religion, ADHD, depression, and other issues society faces.

Recently Gabbie started moving more and more into the musical arena and writing and performing songs. She also records her music videos using an iPhone and posts the finished work on YouTube.

These popular videos have skyrocketed her channel to well over 5 million subscribers.

The Gabbie Show is a great YouTube channel for anyone who likes light-hearted entertainment and deep discussions on mental and societal issues.

7. iJustine

iJustine's YouTube channel

Justine Ezarik is an actress who has made appearances in many shows, including The Bold and the Beautiful, Criminal Minds, and The Vampire Diaries.

But Justine also has a very successful YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers called iJustine.

Though Justine, as a celebrity, moves around a lot and isn’t limited to only Las Vegas, she does live there and creates much of her content there.

On her YouTube channel, Justine does many entertaining and informative things. She reviews new technology and games, does unboxing videos, and even shows her failed cooking attempts.

Her videos are always lively and fun, especially when she tests strange gadgets and new technology. If you’re into tech, you should definitely check out iJustine’s channel.

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