YouTube Playlists: 3 Reasons why you need to use them

When you are trying to grow your YouTube Channel, it can seem like there are a thousand and one different things you need to do and pay attention to. For some things, you need to keep adding your attention, but for others, like YouTube Playlists, you only need to set them up once and every few weeks or months make some changes.

YouTube Playlists are one of the things that new (and even experienced) YouTubers often don’t pay attention to as they don’t understand how these can benefit their channels or how YouTube playlists can help their channel grow and increase their view and subscriber count.

In this article, I’m going to share with you one of the easiest YouTube growth tips you’ll ever come across; namely, you need to make more playlists.

You’ll also discover the 3 reasons why these are so effective.

This is what YouTube Playlists are for and how you can use them to grow your YouTube channel.

1. YouTube Playlists appear in search results

That’s right, like your videos, your YouTube Playlists can be found in search results. In fact, oftentimes you’ll find a playlist in the top 5 results and these can really help you grow your audience and channel fast.

YouTube playlists in search results

Because your playlists can be found in search results, potential viewers can get drawn into watching multiple videos from your channel automatically having only found you once. This brings me to the 2nd point.

2. YouTube Playlists can greatly increase your watch time

What happens when someone clicks on a playlist is that they start watching a video. Once that video comes to an end, however, the next video in that playlist automatically starts and when that one ends, the next one starts, and so it continues until they decide to stop binging your content!

No really, viewers can be drawn into your playlists, and instead of just watching one or two videos, they watch ten… or more!

Now you don’t need me to explain to you how this can increase your watch time (but I’ll do it anyway).

Instead of a viewer only giving you 2 quality views, and you get 10, let’s say all your videos are of equal length, this will result in 5 times the watch time by just having a viewer land in one of your playlists.

Now think of the possibilities if one of your optimized playlists appears near the top of a popular search term. You could be generating hundreds of thousands of views every month without even having to create a new video!

Before you go creating playlists, let’s get to the 3rd reason why you need to use YouTube playlists to grow your YouTube channel.

3. YouTube playlists will increase your channel subscription rate

That’s a bold claim I know, but it’s true, playlists will increase your subscription rate.

Two of the reasons why are already listed above, namely, your channel will be found more easily and viewers will see more of your content, but another and one that is often overlooked by many channels is the appearance of your main channel page.

This is the place where people are sent when they click on your channel logo or your channel name and want to see who exactly this person is that made this amazing video, or made an awesome comment on a popular video (bonus tip), or just appeared in their suggested bar.

It’s important to use playlists here to showcase what your channel is about to help potential viewers make up their minds about subscribing. The more detail you can give people as to why they should subscribe, the more likely it is that they will subscribe.

Once someone lands on your page and can see hey, this channel makes awesome content about a bunch of things I have an interest in, it’s very likely that they’ll click on a video to find out more info or they’ll go straight to the subscribe box and then start binging.

And the binge factor is another reason why you need to have playlists on your channel’s main page.

When someone clicks on one of these playlists, they’re then sent into that playlist, meaning, the next video will Autoplay, and you’ll be able to benefit from the watch time and the likely subscriber once they’ve watched a few of your awesome videos. You can’t turn off autoplay on a playlist unless you leave the playlist.

And if you have a particularly binge-worthy playlist, like background music, or ambient sounds, you can not only loop the youtube video but also the playlists! That can lead to a lot of watching.

Bonus tip – What happens after someone watches multiple videos on one of your playlists

The last benefit I want to share with you is what happens after someone watches one of your playlists.

They’ll have hopefully subscribed, and go through even more of your content, but even if they haven’t and only watched a couple of videos because they showed that engagement with your channel and videos, YouTube’s algorithm is going to start pushing even more of your content to their home page and suggested videos page.

Increasing your views and the likelihood that you turn that interested viewer into an interested subscriber.

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    • No, but you can have up to 10,000 youtube music playlists.

      If you’re using playlists to group your content, then you should make as many that are relevant.


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