350 YouTube Name Ideas For Gaming Channels

Step into the spotlight of the gaming world with a unique YouTube channel name that captures your passion and personality.

Whether you’re streaming adrenaline-fueled Battle Royale games, guiding viewers through immersive RPGs, or sharing your latest Minecraft masterpiece, the perfect name can make all the difference. From ‘Let’s Play’ to eSports, this article will help you find a gaming channel name that resonates with your audience and sets you apart in the YouTube arena.

Let’s unlock your gaming channel’s potential.

Find a name for your gaming channel:

YouTube Name Ideas For Gaming Channels

Gaming Channel Name Ideas

Your gaming channel name is your first impression, virtual handshake, and an invitation to viewers to dive into the worlds you’re exploring.

It’s a key part of your brand and identity as a YouTube gamer.

In the following sections, I’ve covered 350 unique and catchy YouTube name ideas for gaming channels for you to use or to get inspiration from, all categorized by game and genre.

Get ready to find the name that will resonate with your audience, represent your gaming identity, and set you apart in the YouTube gaming community.

Best Name For Minecraft YouTube Channels

Minecraft is a game without boundaries. With its unique and expansive nature, numerous gameplay styles, modpacks, and server types, it’s a universe waiting to be molded by your imagination.

Whether you’re an architect creating grand structures or an adventurer braving the Nether, Minecraft offers endless possibilities.

Here are 10 Minecraft channel name ideas:

  1. MineCraftyMaven
  2. RedstoneRaconteur
  3. EnderEyeExplorer
  4. NetherNavigator
  5. BlockBard
  6. CreepersChronicle
  7. PixelPioneer
  8. DiamondDigger
  9. BiomeBard
  10. CobblestoneChronicles

Some of these channel names may already be taken; if they are, you can use them as inspiration and swap out words to help form a name more unique to you.

Best YouTube Name For Roblox Channels

Welcome to the vibrant, evolving universe of Roblox, where creativity meets limitless gameplay.

Imagine constructing intricate structures, engaging in immersive role-plays, or exploring the variety of user-created worlds – that’s the magic of Roblox.

The platform hosts everything from tycoons to lobbies, simulators to horror games, all dictated by the creative minds of its community.

If you’re looking for a great Roblox channel name, here are ten great ideas:

  1. BloxBuilder
  2. RobloxRanger
  3. PixelPioneer
  4. ScriptSorcerer
  5. GameGemGuru
  6. TycoonTitan
  7. ObbyOracle
  8. RoleplayRover
  9. BloxByteBard
  10. VoxelVoyager

YouTube Names For Battle Royale Games

Dive into the thrilling world of Battle Royale Games, where survival of the fittest is the name of the game. Unpredictable, intense, and always action-packed, these games bring out the strategist in you.

Whether you’re dodging bullets in Fortnite or strategizing in PUBG, it’s all about thinking on your feet.

10 Fortnite Channel Names

  1. FortKnightVentures
  2. BattleBusBard
  3. LootLakeLurker
  4. TiltedTowersTactician
  5. SlurpJuiceSorcerer
  6. StormEyeStrategist
  7. EpicElixir
  8. RoyaleRampager
  9. VictoryVanguard
  10. SkinsSaga

10 Gaming Channel Names For PUBG

  1. UnknownVictoryVoyage
  2. BattleGroundBaron
  3. ChickenDinnerChampion
  4. PUBGPanHandler
  5. ErangelExplorer
  6. MiramarMarauder
  7. VikendiViking
  8. SanhokSurvivor
  9. LootLord
  10. PUBGPredator

10 Apex Legends Names

  1. ApexAlpha
  2. LegendsLair
  3. PathfinderPioneer
  4. WraithWalker
  5. MirageMaster
  6. GibraltarGoliath
  7. LifelineLuminary
  8. OctaneOverdrive
  9. ApexAvenger
  10. KingsCanyonKingpin

10 YouTube Names For Call of Duty: Warzone Channels

  1. WarzoneWarrior
  2. VerdanskVanguard
  3. GulagGuerilla
  4. LoadoutLegend
  5. PlunderPirate
  6. TacRoverRider
  7. GhostGunner
  8. BattleBounty
  9. WarzoneWatchman
  10. KillstreakCommander

YouTube Action-Adventure Games

Action-Adventure games perfectly blend exciting combat with engaging narratives.

From exploring the vast landscapes of The Legend of Zelda to causing chaos in Grand Theft Auto, these games are all about immersing you in a riveting storyline filled with high-octane action.

10 Channel Names For The Legend of Zelda

  1. WildLinkLegacy
  2. HyruleHeroics
  3. BreathOfTheBold
  4. ZeldaZenith
  5. SheikahSage
  6. GanonGambler
  7. TriforceTrailblazer
  8. KokiriChronicles
  9. EponaEpics
  10. RupeeRaider

10 Best Grand Theft Auto Channel Names

  1. AutoActionAce
  2. LosSantosLegend
  3. GTA5Grit
  4. VinewoodVoyager
  5. Trevor’sTroubles
  6. Franklin’sFastlane
  7. Michael’sMafia
  8. VapidVentures
  9. CrimeCityCruiser
  10. HeistHijinks

10 Red Dead Redemption Channel Name Ideas

  1. RedemptionRanger
  2. WestworldWanderer
  3. DeadEyeDexter
  4. OutlawOracle
  5. FrontierFreedom
  6. Arthur’sAegis
  7. VanDerLindeVanguard
  8. GunslingerGrit
  9. RDR2Rogue
  10. CowboyChronicles

Top 10 The Last of Us Name Ideas

  1. FungalFury
  2. SurvivorSaga
  3. Ellie’sEchoes
  4. PostPandemicPioneer
  5. FireflyFlames
  6. WLFWarrior
  7. SeraphiteStories
  8. ClickerChaser
  9. LastOfUsLore
  10. DystopianDreamer

Channel Names For First-Person Shooters (FPS)

FPS games are the epitome of intense, adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

Whether you’re orchestrating a team attack in Overwatch or sniping enemies in the Call of Duty, these games put you right in the heart of the action.

It’s about precision, tactics, and knowing when to pull the trigger.

10 Call of Duty YouTube Names

  1. DutyDriven
  2. PerkProphet
  3. KillstreakKing
  4. TacMapTactician
  5. GhostGunner
  6. PrestigePlayer
  7. CoDCommando
  8. WarzoneWarrior
  9. BlackOpsBarrage
  10. ModernWarfareMaverick

10 Names For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

  1. StrikeSquad
  2. BombDefuser
  3. Dust2Dynamo
  4. GlobalOffensiveGuru
  5. TerroristTakedown
  6. CounterstrikeChampion
  7. CTCommander
  8. NadeNavigator
  9. AK47Ace
  10. SmokescreenStrategist

Top 10 Overwatch Channel Names

  1. PlayOfTheGame
  2. PayloadPatroller
  3. MercyMain
  4. ReaperRampage
  5. ZenyattaZen
  6. D.VaDominator
  7. LucioLunatic
  8. JunkratJoker
  9. OverwatchOracle
  10. BastionBeacon

10 Best Valorant Channel Names

  1. ValorantVanquisher
  2. SageSaviour
  3. SpikeSpecialist
  4. PhoenixPhenom
  5. CypherSleuth
  6. JettJuggernaut
  7. OmenObserver
  8. ViperVenom
  9. ReynaRampage
  10. BrimstoneBlaze

Best YouTube Names For Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

The RPG genre is a world full of rich narratives, compelling characters, and complex mechanics.

From the captivating world of The Witcher to the vast landscapes of Skyrim, RPGs offer an immersive gaming experience that is hard to match.

10 The Witcher 3 Name Ideas

  1. WitcherWildling
  2. GeraltGrit
  3. CiriCyclone
  4. SkelligeSailor
  5. GwentGuru
  6. NovigradNomad
  7. WhiteWolfWhisperer
  8. AxiiAdept
  9. QuenQueen
  10. IgniIgniter

10 Best Cyberpunk 2077 Names

  1. NightCityNomad
  2. CyberneticChronicles
  3. MaelstromMaverick
  4. SamuraiSaga
  5. V’sVoyages
  6. EdgerunnerEpic
  7. TechrunnerTales
  8. CyberneticChronicles
  9. KiroshiKinetic
  10. TraumaTeamTales

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Channel Names

  1. MidgarMaverick
  2. MateriaMaster
  3. BusterBladeBearer
  4. Tifa’sTriumph
  5. Cloud’sChronicles
  6. ShinraShadow
  7. SephirothSaga
  8. AerithAdventures
  9. ChocoboChaser
  10. LimitBreaker

YouTube Names For Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  1. SkyrimSojourner
  2. DovahkiinDiaries
  3. ThroatOfTheWorld
  4. DragonbornDiaries
  5. ShoutSage
  6. TamrielTrekker
  7. GreybeardGuru
  8. DaedricDabbler
  9. FrostTrollFrolic
  10. NerevarineNarratives

Best YouTube Names For Sports Gamers

In the realm of Sports Games, you get to live out your athletic dreams without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s scoring the winning goal in the FIFA series or slam-dunking in the NBA 2K series, these games bring the thrill of the stadium right into your living room.

  1. GoalGaffer
  2. FIFAFinesse
  3. PitchPioneer
  4. TackleTactician
  5. UltimateTeamUnleashed
  6. SambaSoccer
  7. HeadersAndVolleys
  8. CornerKickKing
  9. FootballFrenzy
  10. CrossbarChallenge

10 Best NBA 2K YouTube Name Ideas

  1. HoopsHero
  2. SlamDunkSaga
  3. 2KTrailblazer
  4. BuzzerBeater
  5. CourtConqueror
  6. TripleDoubleTrouble
  7. FastbreakFanatic
  8. AlleyOopAce
  9. CrossoverKing
  10. BallerBeats

10 Best Madden NFL YouTube Name Ideas

  1. MaddenMaestro
  2. GridironGuru
  3. PigskinProphet
  4. TouchdownTactician
  5. HailMaryHero
  6. BlitzBarrage
  7. FieldGoalFiend
  8. RosterRumble
  9. EndzoneEmpire
  10. SuperbowlSaga

Top Strategy Game Channel Names

Strategy games are all about tactical prowess and foresight. From commanding futuristic armies in StarCraft II to leading a civilization to greatness in Civilization VI, these games test your ability to plan, strategize, and adapt. It’s like a high-stakes chess match, only with cooler visuals.

10 StarCraft II YouTuber Names

  1. ZergZapper
  2. ProtossPioneer
  3. TerranTactician
  4. StarCraftSage
  5. WarpGateWarrior
  6. CreepColonizer
  7. DarkTemplarDiaries
  8. HyperionHeroics
  9. ArchonArbitrator
  10. VoidRayVoyage

10 Best Civilization IV Channel Names

  1. CivSovereign
  2. HexagonHighness
  3. WonderWhiz
  4. TechTreeTitan
  5. PolicyPatron
  6. DistrictDynamo
  7. AncientEraAdventures
  8. ModernMarvels
  9. CulturalConqueror
  10. ScienceSupremacy

10 Best Age of Empires II Gamer Names

  1. EmpireEngineer
  2. AgelessArcher
  3. SiegeSpecialist
  4. MonkMastery
  5. DarkAgeDynamo
  6. FeudalFeats
  7. CastleConquests
  8. ImperialInsights
  9. TradeCartTravels
  10. VillagerVanguard

Best Names For Racing Gamers

Racing Games offer the thrill of high-speed competition without the risks.

Whether you’re navigating treacherous terrains in the Forza Horizon or pushing the pedal to the metal in Gran Turismo, these games are about speed, precision, and a whole lot of adrenaline.

Top 10 Forza Horizon Name Ideas

  1. HorizonHotrod
  2. ForzaFury
  3. DriftDynamo
  4. SpeedStreetSaga
  5. LapLeader
  6. TorqueTales
  7. PaddockPioneer
  8. GearheadGrit
  9. CheckeredChronicles
  10. PitStopPro

10 Best Gran Turismo Name Ideas

  1. GranTurismoGrandeur
  2. SportSeriesSaga
  3. LapLegend
  4. PaddockPro
  5. TurboTriumphs
  6. CircuitChaser
  7. GTGuru
  8. ThrottleThrills
  9. ApexAce
  10. RevsAndRivals

10 Best Need for Speed Name Ideas

  1. SpeedSeeker
  2. NitroNemesis
  3. GearGrinder
  4. HotPursuitHero
  5. UndergroundUnderdog
  6. CarbonConqueror
  7. MostWantedMaverick
  8. PaybackPlayer
  9. HeatHandler
  10. RivalsRacer

YouTube Names For Simulation Games

Simulation Games provide a slice of life or a taste of a different profession.

From living a virtual life in The Sims to piloting a plane in Flight Simulator, these games offer a diverse range of experiences that allow you to live out your wildest dreams.

Top 10 Names For Channels On The Sims

  1. SimlishSage
  2. PlumbobProphet
  3. LifeLivedInSims
  4. BuildModeMaster
  5. CASChampion
  6. SimoleonSaver
  7. WoohooWonder
  8. ExpansionExplorer
  9. MoodletMaven
  10. SimGuruSidekick

10 Best Flight Simulator Channel Names

  1. SkyHighSimulator
  2. FlightPathFinder
  3. JetJockey
  4. CloudCruiser
  5. AltitudeAdventures
  6. TurbulenceTamer
  7. RunwayRanger
  8. CockpitCommander
  9. AerialAviator
  10. WingspanWanderer

10 Best Euro Truck Simulator Channel Names

  1. EuroHauler
  2. TruckingTrailblazer
  3. BigRigRamblings
  4. CargoConqueror
  5. FreightFury
  6. HighwayHero
  7. RoadRover
  8. DieselDriven
  9. LongHaulLegend
  10. GearshiftGrit

Best Mobile Gamer YouTube Names

Mobile Games offer gaming fun on the go. Whether you’re uncovering impostors in Among Us or diving into a fantasy world with Genshin Impact, these games are perfect for filling up free time or engaging in some serious competitive play.

They’re proof that great things can come in small packages.

10 Among Us Channel Names

  1. ImposterIntrigue
  2. SpaceSleuth
  3. CrewmateChronicles
  4. SusStories
  5. AmongUsAce
  6. VentVoyager
  7. EmergencyMeeting
  8. TaskMaster
  9. SkeldSpectator
  10. PolusPioneer

10 Mobile Legends Channel Names

  1. BangBangBaron
  2. MobileMastermind
  3. LegendLancer
  4. JungleJuggernaut
  5. LaneLeader
  6. MythicMastery
  7. HeroHook
  8. EpicEncounter
  9. DraftDynamo
  10. RankRush

10 Genshin Impact YouTuber Names

  1. GenshinGuru
  2. TeyvatTraveler
  3. VisionVenturer
  4. ElementalEmissary
  5. LiyueLegend
  6. MondstadtMaster
  7. PrimogemProphet
  8. ImpactInsights
  9. PaimonPal
  10. WishWhisperer

10 PUBG Mobile YouTuber Names

  1. MobileMarksman
  2. ChickenDinnerDiaries
  3. BattlegroundsBaron
  4. PUBGPioneer
  5. SquadSurvivor
  6. ErangelExplorer
  7. VikendiVanguard
  8. MiramarMarksman
  9. SanhokSquad
  10. PanPunisher

10 Best Free Fire YouTube Names

  1. Firefighter
  2. BattleBattalion
  3. SoloSurvivor
  4. SquadSweeper
  5. BermudaBattler
  6. KalahariKing
  7. PurgatoryPioneer
  8. ClashCaptain
  9. FireFrontier
  10. EliteEncounter

Final Thoughts

With the right YouTube channel name, you’re well on your way to creating an engaging, memorable brand that resonates with your audience and represents your unique gaming style.

Remember, your channel name is more than just a label; it reflects your personality, gaming preferences, and the experiences you want to share with your viewers.

If your gaming pursuits also extend into the world of technology, you might be interested in my list of tech channel name ideas, which can help you find the perfect name for a tech-focused channel.

We hope this article has sparked some ideas and inspired you as you start or rebrand your gaming channel. Now that you’re armed with these creative name ideas, it’s time to hit the ‘record’ button and start creating amazing content that will thrill your viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Good YouTube Gaming Channel Name?

A good YouTube gaming channel name is unique, memorable, and reflects your personal gaming style or the type of content you plan to create. It should be easy to spell and pronounce, making it easier for viewers to find your channel. Including specific gaming-related keywords or your chosen game genre can also help improve your visibility in search results.

How Can I Check if a YouTube Gaming Channel Name is Already Taken?

You can check if a YouTube channel name is already taken by typing it into the YouTube search bar. If a channel with that name appears in the results, it’s already in use. Additionally, check on Google and social media platforms to ensure the name is not being used elsewhere.

Can I Change My YouTube Gaming Channel Name Later?

Yes, you can change your YouTube gaming channel name later if you decide that it no longer fits the content you’re creating. However, it’s important to note that changing your channel name can also potentially confuse your audience, so choosing a name you’ll be happy with long-term is best.

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