Best Vlogging Tripod: Top 9 Picks

A tripod is one of the most central pieces of equipment for vlogging. It secures the camera in place and allows you to capture professional recordings with superior camera angles and effects.

As a result, the tripod you choose is essential to your success as a professional vlogger. In light of that, what are some of the best tripods for vlogging?

1. Joby GorillaPod Tripod 3k Kit


  • SLR and mirrorless cameras benefit from a versatile tripod and ball head
  • Over two dozen leg joints with rubberized rings and foot grips provide stability on any surface
  • Improve your perspectives with legs that can be wrapped
  • Portable design for on-the-go use, which enables easy packing and transportation

You’ve undoubtedly seen this tripod if you’re a fan of Vloggers like Casey Neistat and the Vegabrothers. Of course, it’s the famous Joby GorillaPod, which looks like an octopus tripod.

Rather than having ridged straight legs, it may be curved and bent to suit any surface, item, or position. As a result of its adaptability, it is one of the best vlogging tripods.

The JOBY GorillaPod is made of durable ABS Medical-Grade Plastic, with rubber rings around the legs and clutches at the foot to optimize stability for your image, regardless of which of the tripod’s multiple features you desire to use.

The GorillaPod 3K PRO Kit is intended for today’s multimedia creators who wish to leverage cutting-edge technology.

The GorillaPod Stand and the Ballhead 3K PRO are supplied separately, giving the new generation of vloggers more options.

In addition, the ball head’s Arca-Swiss compatibility lets you utilize the same plate on your DSLR across numerous support systems.

While the Joby is recognized for its versatility, one of the main reasons many Vloggers utilize this Joby GorillaPod is that it provides a lot more reach when recording in the selfie-style format.

This enables the maker to get more in the frame and has greater leeway when filming. Mainly when using a wide-angle lens.

Finally, another benefit is that you can easily adjust this tripod to any surface, which is ideal for on-the-go vlogging.

2. Joby Compact Action Tripod


  • ideal for entry-level DSLRs equipped with basic kit lenses
  • Attaching screw 1/4′′ universal
  • Includes an integrated fast-release mechanism
  • Included is a special adaptor for the Sony Nex 5R/5T

Next, we have an excellent compact tripod designed for the studio/travel YouTuber. If you’re looking for a tiny, light, and highly functional tripod, the Joby Compact Action Tripod is a beautiful place to start.

This tripod weighs only 3.05 pounds (1.3kg), making it incredibly compact and straightforward to transport on flights and on the move.

Because it is such a lightweight tripod, it is great for travelers or anybody who likes being active with their cameras. However, despite being a lightweight tripod, it has the strength to support heavier cameras. 

This Joby Action Tripod, for example, would easily support a mirrorless or medium-sized DSLR camera such as a Canon 70D or 80D.

The compact action tripod includes a shorter handle and a loosening and tightening wheel that allows you to move about for the best angle and perspective.

Photographers will like the tripod’s head’s inclusion of a Photography Mode. When actuated, it unlocks the ball joint, allowing for a nearly 360-degree range of motion, and allowing you to create some fascinating viewpoints and compositions.

Videographers will also like it because it features a Video Mode that lets you move the head in the tilt and pan motions necessary for shooting landscapes, lateral movements, and other photographs.

3. DJI OM 4 Gimbal Stabilizer And Tripod


  • The majority of the design is based on the Osmo Mobile 3
  • It comes with a tripod stand
  • Most uses are included with the DJI Mimo app
  • More phones are compatible than previous models
  • More powerful engine

The DJI OM 4 is a unique three-axis gimbal with a tripod feature. It stands 10.8 inches tall when set up as a tripod, but you can fold it up and remove the base to transform it into a pistol-grip gimbal for shooting on the go.

A thumb-slide control navigates panning and tilting, and switching between portrait and landscape orientations is as simple as two button pushes.

The new magnetic arm mount is the sole notable difference between the DJI OM 4 and its older sibling, the Osmo Mobile 3. The OM 4 has a little different color and has various button locations, but the two versions are otherwise almost identical. 

However, with that in mind, the magnetic mount is the OM 4’s primary selling feature. But, of course, you’re probably already sold if you enjoy the notion of being able to snap your smartphone onto your gimbal and then effortlessly snap it off.

Although not intended for GoPros or DSLRs, the gimbal’s sturdy magnetic grip can accommodate phones up to 3.3″ wide and 10.2 ounces in weight. Although there is no remote control, one reviewer noticed that gesture controls let you record a target from as far as 6 to 8 feet away. 

Motion tracking also aids in keeping your subject in the center of the picture with minimum effort. However, please remember that you must first download the DJI Mimo app to utilize this gimbal fully.

The app includes various shooting/recording modes that many vloggers will drool over. These modes include Dyna-Zoom, Story Mode, and many more, which all boast unique and handy recording features.

4. Lenton Smartphone Vlogging Kit


  • The kit includes a tripod, led light, and mic
  • The included mic supports all phones with a 3.5mm jack
  • Each leg has adjustable 3-level height settings
  • Included Led light has adjustable light settings

The Lenton vlogging kit includes everything you need to record high-quality videos. The mini-tripod is just over 6 inches tall and has legs that readily transform into a selfie stick or handle for on-the-go recording.

Although a remote control is not supplied, manual operation can give excellent results. 

The tripod’s aluminum ball head swivels 360 degrees for smooth panning, and a plastic spring-loaded phone holder may be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal configuration, depending on your preference.

The kit also includes a microphone, a battery-powered LED light that can be attached to the quarter-inch screw, and a cold shoe mount for improved audio and images.

It’s all quite simple to set up, and many Amazon reviewers indicate it works flawlessly. The microphone is excellent and gives excellent sound to video footage.

The stand is quite strong and does an excellent job of dispersing weight, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling over. 

Additionally, the lights increase natural light while illuminating dark regions. Finally, it is also ideal for beginner vloggers who want a complete kit from the get-go.

5. SwitchPod


  • The tripod’s rugged yet lightweight aluminum alloy construction makes it almost unbreakable
  • Legs can are easily removed for portability
  • Both phones and DSLRs may be mounted on this mount
  • Setup is quick and straightforward, without the clumsiness of typical tripods

The SwitchPod got its start from the exceptional Kickstarter concept. As a result, it was successfully funded and rapidly became a favorite among YouTubers and Vloggers.

The SwitchPod is a cross between a rugged three-legged tripod and a Joby GorillaPod in many aspects.

The movable legs open and shut swiftly, allowing a YouTuber to go from Vlog-style filming to tabletop tripod in less than a second.

The tripod may be handled in a variety of ways. For example, if you wish to do one-handed vlogging, you may remove two of the three legs. In addition, this tripod’s collapsibility and portability are significant advantages.

It fits comfortably in a bag or pocket and can be rigged up in seconds when you’re ready to shoot. Plus, it’s simply so stylish! One of the Switchpod’s outstanding qualities is its deliberate design and high-quality posture.

In addition, the product’s inventors ensure that it will be valuable for photographers and filmmakers.

There’s a large knob at the bottom of the mounting component that you can spin to tighten your camera or attachment without having to directly twist the camera or accessory. 

We’ve all wasted too much time attempting to get the right balance after adjusting the legs of bendy tripods or making the swivel head parallel. This product addresses the issue. It’s easy and allows you to set up your camera flat easily.

6. Manfrotto Mini Travel Tripod


  • 2-Piece GoPro Camera, Compact Camera, and Action Camera Kit
  • Design that is lightweight and portable
  • Adjustment for Push-Button Locking
  • Universal Mount
  • Integrated spring for quick release

This versatile tripod is an excellent complement to any Vlogging setup. This Manfrotto Mini Tripod may also be mounted on iPhones, GoPros, point-and-shoot cameras, and more.

While it is a tripod, the legs may also be used as a handle grip for Casey Neistat-style vlogging.

When the tripod legs are extended, it creates a steady and durable foundation that is ideal for long exposure and time-lapse photography.

Manfrotto’s Pixi is an excellent tiny compact tripod that will meet the needs of some CSC and digicam users. It won’t occupy too much room in your camera bag, so it’s a first-rate small accessory to have.

It boasts an attractive design that is both appealing and comfortable to grasp, and the rubber feet can grip most surfaces. However, they are more secure on flat surfaces than on inclined planes or varied terrains.

Another fantastic feature of the Manfrotto Mini Tripod is the ball head mount with a rapid release. This allows you to change the perspective and arrangement of your video for your Vlog.

But, of course, you’ll be set if you combine this adaptable tripod with a superb starter Vlogging camera.

7. Magnus VT-4000


  • All cameras are compatible with this tripod
  • Simple to adapt to any surface
  • Its 59-inch height is ideal for wide-angle photos.
  • It has heavy-duty solid locks

With great panning and tilting capabilities, this vlogging tripod for a canon g7x (and practically all other camera models) is an excellent choice for generating solid pictures.

It enables vloggers to move the camera while filming seamless pictures quickly.

This tripod is better suited for professional vloggers who wish to shoot indoors and outside. The Magnus VT 4000 tripod is solid and long-lasting.

It has stage-opening legs that allow users to be more creative with filming angles. In addition, it has a fluid head with a half-ball mount and twin pan bar mounts. 

The fast-release plate allows for quick and easy camera attachment. This reasonably priced Vlogging tripod provides fantastic value.

A mid-level spreader is another valuable feature of the Magnus VT-4000 Fluid Head Tripod. This allows you to extend the tripod legs swiftly and simplifies the setup procedure.

You’ll also find interchangeable rubber and spiky feet at the bottom of the tripod. As a result, this allows you to record both indoors and outdoors.

Regarding durability, the camera is made of aluminum and has a brilliant lightweight structure. It can also accommodate any camera weighing roughly 9 lbs (4KG).

8. Sirui 3T-35K


  • Durable build that can handle all types of elements
  • A reliable and stable frame that can hold up to 9lbs (4kg)
  • Light and compact for easy storage
  • Includes a quick-release plate

Another good alternative for our list’s best vlogging tripod is the Sirui 3T-35K. The tripod’s design is distinctive, making it an ideal choice for all your requirements. It has a non-slip design with rubber feet for safe and dependable operation.

In addition, the tripod weighs only 0.5lb, and the head is 0.37lb.

This two-section center column retracts to add height to the tripod, giving it a maximum height of 10.7 inches. You may, however, shrink the tripod and hold it in your hand. Alternatively, you may raise the tripod and get some stunning images.

Furthermore, the camera tripod is around 8.8 inches or approximately 22.5cm long without adjusting its height, even though it be adjusted to fit in your pocket.

The tripod is composed of anodized aluminum, which is both durable and stable and resistant to all elements making it perfect to handle the heat of the scorching sun or even to be placed in a shallow pool. It is also simple to set up.

It has a locking system allowing you to tilt the camera 180 degrees. In addition, you can modify the height to suit your demands.

The tripod’s maximum payload, like the Magnus VT-4000, is 9 lbs (4KG), and it can comfortably support your DSLR, Point & Shoot Cameras, and even your smartphone. So besides vlogging, you may also use this tripod for many forms of photography and filming.

9. ZoMei Z818 Travel Tripod


  • Multifunctional two-in-one tripod
  • Compact and easy to set up
  • Lightweight and made of durable material
  • It comes in a fun selection of colors
  • It can be set from a height of 22-inches and can extend up to 65-inches

Finally, we have the ZoMei Z818, a compact travel tripod that costs roughly $100. But what makes this ZoMei model unique is that even though it is not as expensive as some professional tripods, it performs as well as or better than those that are more than double its price.

The Zomei Z818 is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs around three and a half pounds.

It looks great in any color it comes in: gold, blue, orange, silver, grey, and black. The Z818 folds roughly 24 inches and extends to 65 inches when fully extended.

In terms of what it can handle, many reviewers have never had a problem, and you should be good to go with anything up to 35 pounds. And with reviewers in mind, many claim it works flawlessly with portable shotgun microphones.

The accompanying ball head performs admirably. However, because it is a standard Arca-Swiss mount, you may also purchase the Arca-Swiss fast-release plate, which will allow you to retain a sling mount connected while the tripod is mounted.

If you carry your camera on your shoulder, this is ideal.

The Zomei Z818 is an excellent value for money, giving you the feel of a professional tripod at a tenth of the price.

It’s lightweight, simple to use and set up, offers a lot of versatility for getting the proper shoot, and looks fantastic.

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