Best Teleprompter for YouTube

A great teleprompter is an essential tool for creating videos for YouTube. The best teleprompter for YouTube creators is one that strikes a balance between readability, ease of use, and affordability.

With a variety of models available, from tablet-based setups to professional-grade glass teleprompters, finding the right fit depends on the creator’s individual needs.

Factors such as screen size, portability, and the ability to work with different camera types are crucial considerations.

When considering a purchase, potential buyers should pay close attention to the teleprompter’s compatibility with their existing equipment, the clarity of the display under various lighting conditions, and the user-friendliness of the accompanying software.

It’s also essential to consider the durability and construction of the teleprompter, especially for creators who frequently travel and need to set up quickly on location.

We have invested time in researching and evaluating various models to help potential buyers find the teleprompter that best suits their YouTube production needs.

Top Teleprompters for YouTube Creators

In our search to find the most efficient and user-friendly teleprompters suitable for YouTubers, we’ve tested various models to ensure our recommendations meet the needs of content creators.

Whether you’re delivering direct-to-camera pieces or looking to streamline your video production workflow, the right teleprompter can make all the difference.

The upcoming list reflects our careful selection, prioritizing devices that balance ease of use, clear display, and versatility.

Desview T2 Teleprompter

We recommend the Desview T2 Teleprompter for YouTubers who need a lightweight, easy-to-read prompter to maintain eye contact with the camera.


A clear 70/30 beam splitter allows for direct camera engagement

Extremely portable and easy to set up for on-the-go shoots

Free remote and companion apps enhance user experience


Limited to devices under 8 inches; not suitable for larger tablets

An adapter purchase is necessary for certain camera types

Reflective features may require specific lighting conditions for optimal use

We’ve been looking for a teleprompter that wouldn’t bog down our setup, and the Desview T2 proves to be a real space saver.

Its featherlight build meant we could attach it to our camera without any extra support.

During shoots, we found that the beam splitter glass offered clear reading while ensuring we appeared engaged with our audience.

Configuring our smartphones and tablets took no time at all, perfect for tight schedules.

Adjusting scripts on the fly is a breeze with the Desview T2.

The free remote control saved us from touching the screen and potentially disrupting the video.

Moreover, the Desview app was intuitive, allowing us to easily change text and background colors, significantly reducing prep time.

On the downside, those wishing to use larger tablets might have to look elsewhere, as the Desview T2 only supports devices up to 8 inches.

Additionally, we noted that the reflective glass required some adjustments in certain lighting to prevent glare. So, thorough testing before your shoot is advisable.

However, the Desview T2 is definitely a worthy investment for those with a compact content creation setup and the need for mobility.

ILOKNZI i2 Teleprompter

For YouTube content creators looking for an affordable yet sturdy teleprompter, the ILOKNZI i2 fits the bill with its user-friendly features and solid construction.


Spacious tablet platform accommodates large devices

Durable metal build with high-quality glass

Includes a free, easy-to-use teleprompter app


The app may have limitations, and the remote is app-specific

Velcro components may wear out quickly

Does not support all types of tablets and cameras

Having spent some time with the ILOKNZI i2 Teleprompter, we found it to be a reliable tool for our video shoots.

The lifting screen feature offered us the versatility we sought for various angles, ensuring our presenter always had a clear line of sight to the text.

We admired the thoughtful construction of the ILOKNZI i2; the all-metal body exuded sturdiness, standing firm throughout our recording sessions.

It’s not just about resilience, though; the optical glass impressed us with its clarity, keeping the text readable even in brighter settings.

Our experience with the included app was a mix of emotions.

While it served its fundamental purpose of text scrolling, its functional simplicity meant we could not explore more advanced features some of us needed for a tailored recording session.

Despite this, it was straightforward to set up, which helped us focus on the content rather than the tech.

PaiPaiGo Dual Holder Teleprompter

The PaiPaiGo Dual Holder Teleprompter offers a practical solution for content creators juggling phone recording with prompter scripts.


Innovative dual phone clip design enhances multitasking for live streams and Vlogs.

360-degree rotation offers versatile angles, making it flexible for different shooting preferences.

Ultra-light and folds easily, proving to be truly portable for on-the-go recordings.


Not being able to accommodate tablets can limit their usefulness for some users.

Given the lightness, it may not hold up under the weight of heavier camera setups.

The clamps are not designed for thick phone cases, which might require removing the case.

We’ve just wrapped up a session using the PaiPaiGo Dual Holder Teleprompter and found it surprisingly handy.

The setup was a breeze, and we had it ready to go in under two minutes.

This prompter turned our spare phone into a competent script display, freeing up our hands and focus for a smoother presentation.

Rotating between portrait and landscape modes was seamless, thanks to the 360-degree rotation feature.

We found this extremely useful for switching up our video style without the hassle of reconfiguring the whole setup.

The portability aspect is a major plus. We packed it into our backpack with ease, and it barely added any weight.

Whether you’re heading out for a quick shoot or have multiple locations in a day, this teleprompter can travel with you without weighing you down.

However, we quickly realized that tablets are a no-go with this model – something to keep in mind if that’s part of your gear.

Heavier setups may also pose a problem, but for standard phone recording, it’s a capable companion.

Just remember, if you’re someone who keeps a beefy case on your phone, you might need to remove it for a proper fit.

CANALHOUT 16″ Teleprompter

We think the CANALHOUT 16″ Universal Teleprompter is a solid choice for YouTubers looking for a reliable prompting tool that enhances speech delivery without breaking the bank.


Compatible with a wide range of tablets and phones

Includes a 70/30 beam splitting glass ensuring clear text visibility without camera pickup

Comes with a remote control for convenience


Instructions for setup and use are not very clear

Other users reported missing parts upon delivery

Build quality may not meet professional production standards

Using the CANALHOUT Teleprompter reshaped our video recording experience.

Its versatile tablet and phone support allowed us to smoothly integrate various types of devices during shoots. Whether we’re working with Apple, Android, or Microsoft products, it adapted seamlessly, providing the universal fit it promises.

The clarity of the text on the 16″ beam splitting glass impressed us—this is crucial for maintaining natural eye contact with the camera.

With the remote control, handling the scrolling speed and pausing text became a breeze, allowing for effortless speech delivery. This feature particularly stood out during longer recording sessions.

However, we were slightly let down by the sparse instructions provided, which necessitated a bit of trial and error on our part for initial setup.

We advise first-time teleprompter users to find instructional videos online.

Additionally, while the construction is generally sturdy, those requiring teleprompters for heavy, daily use might want to consider heavier-duty options.

Lastly, ensure to check all parts upon arrival; some users have mentioned missing components, which could delay your production.


We found that the LENSGO TC7S is a reliable teleprompter for YouTubers seeking a compact and user-friendly device for their video productions.


Crisp and clear display enhances on-camera professionalism

User-friendly app for easy scrolling control

Quick and straightforward setup, superb for on-the-go creators


May not accommodate larger tablets or devices

Attached accessories might crowd the teleprompter if you’re using multiple add-ons

A remote control, while convenient, could pose connectivity issues in some environments

Having had the chance to work with the LENSGO TC7S, we noticed immediately how the high-definition display kept the script visible and easy to read, which is essential to maintain eye contact with the camera. Our videos looked more professional, with less need for retakes due to the clear prompting.

Its compatibility across iOS and Android devices made it incredibly versatile for us.

No matter who from our team was using it, setting up their smartphone with the teleprompter was effortless.

After downloading the TCQI app, it was plain sailing to adjust scroll speed and text settings from our phones directly, tailoring to each presenter’s preference.

The design really considers the needs of content creators.

Its portability is a standout, and folding it down in a single second without disassembling is a timesaver.

This quick fold feature truly sets it apart when we’re tight on time.

With a decent number of cold shoe mounts, it has room for essential accessories, such as our mic and light, although we do recommend not overloading it.

Buying Guide

mobile teleprompter for youtube videos

Screen Size

We must consider the size of the teleprompter screen according to our specific needs.

A larger screen can be beneficial for longer viewing distances, but may be cumbersome for close-up shots.


If we’re always on the move, portability is key.

We want something lightweight and easy to set up and break down.


Our teleprompter must be compatible with the camera and tripod we plan to use.

We should check the mounting system and ensure it fits our equipment seamlessly.

Control Options

Remote or app-based control systems allow us to manage the scrolling speed and pause the script conveniently.

We should seek out a teleprompter that provides a control option that suits our workflow.

Display Quality

High-quality glass ensures readability and minimal light reflection.

We prioritize clear and crisp display quality for effortless reading.


Sturdy construction protects our teleprompter during transport and use.

We need a teleprompter that’s built to last.

Screen SizeHigh
Control OptionsMedium
Display QualityHigh


Our budget determines the range of teleprompters we are considering.

We aim for the best balance between cost and the features we need.

By focusing on these aspects, we set ourselves up to choose the best teleprompter for our YouTube content creation requirements.

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